NBA CBA: Don’t Believe the HYPE!!!

Posted: August 30, 2011 in NBA BASKETBALL


Immediately after the ’10-’11 NBA season ended, all the drama with the expiring Collective Bargaining Agreement started. I, for one, have no worries about there not being an NBA season, just as I was never worried about there being an NFL season. I never followed any of the reports on Sports News, or read any of the articles. I would periodically check-in to see if the “cat fight” was resolved, and completely changed the channel once I realized it was on-going. No matter how many times I was  asked my opinion on the dispute, my answer was nonchalant and certain…THERE WILL NOT BE A LOCKOUT. If there is one thing that can always eliminate greed, it’s more greed. And there’s no way the Owners and NFLPA would
let a $9 BILLION DOLLAR dispute keep them from making $14 BILLION DOLLARS. So, of course, the attention-starved NBA had to follow suit. I’ve heard comments that the two sides are worlds apart, but just as I did with the NFL CBA, I’d like to stress that we have NOTHING to worry about. Don’t believe me? Scared about what’s being reported? Here are 3 things I want you to think about:

1. The ’10-’11 NBA season ended officially on June 12th. The ’11-’12 season starts on November 1st. Both sides know they have plenty of time to stick their chest’s out and play tough. For the next 2 1/2 months, you can trust that lines will crossed, and limits will be pressed. They are going to scare us, and then watch us flock to the season in relief. Believe me, it’s all just a game right now.

2. The NBA has just finished the best, most curious, and most unpredictable season they’ve had in a long time. For the first time in 4 seasons the Finals included two teams not named the “Celtics” or “Lakers”. Out of all the years the Dallas Mavericks have fallen short of expectations, they decide to become a “Dark Horse” and win it all. What’s even more surprising is that they SOMEHOW managed to keep Mark Cuban quiet for 8 weeks! The Chicago Bulls, lead by a 1st-time MVP, were the best team of the regular season. The “Heatles” learn that Championships are EARNED, not given. Kobe and the Lakers get swept in the Playoffs. The machine we all know as CP3 was reborn. The “Young Guns” in the Western Conference played fearless basketball. (Memphis was a beast) My point being that the NBA has our full attention for the first time in a loooooong time. There’s NO WAY they are going to crush the momentum with a lockout.

3. The largest problem facing the National Basketball Association…..OPTIONS. Let me bring it down to our level. If you are 55 yrs old, still living with Mom, no job, and poor hygiene….it’s
easy to understand why you’re still dating the same girlfriend of 6 years who hates your guts. You’re just glad to be with someone who accepts you for you. You don’t have many OPTIONS. The National Football League is that 55-yr old. When there was a threat of a lockout, the players considered other professions, but there was no real threat. Did you really think Ochocinco would be playing Soccer this season? But the NBA “Superstars” have OPTIONS. They can easily go overseas and make ALOT of money. So if there is going to be a lockout, no one loses, except the NBA. Sure, there will always be the lower tier of players who may lose out and suffer, but as far as the “big names” that drive BILLIONS into the owners’ pockets….they can easily WALK AWAY. If we realize that, trust me, the Owners realize that.

So DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE, and all the lockout talk. We all know that after the NHL locked out, the sport has never been the same. Every other sport should take that as a lesson-learned and get their act together!

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  1. D says:

    I agree that both sports are just trying to scare the fans. hey would be crazy to throw away that much money over their egos….but this is America, and we mess up good things and throw away money the best! lol

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