After months of TRASH TALK, CRTICISM, PREDICTIONS, and ANTICIPATION….Saturday night was finally FIGHT NIGHT. Floyd “MONEY” Mayweather promised that this would be the night that he would silence every criticism about his fighting style. Let us quickly go over those criticisms.

1. HE CHERRY-PICKS HIS FIGHTS: Floyd has been criticized for years for not taking on the best that his weight class has to offer

2. HE “CHICKEN FIGHTS” AND RUNS: Floyd runs for 12 rounds, afraid to be hit by his opponent

3. HE IS SCARED TO ENGAGE AND GO FOR THE KO: Floyd is scared to get hit, so he would rather duck and counter-punch his opponent for 12 rounds


From my ringside, on the couch, sitting in front of a 50″ plasma view…..I think he answered each and every one of these criticisms in this fight. In taking on Victor Ortiz, Floyd faced a BIGGER, STRONGER, YOUNGER, HUNGRY, CHAMPION, in his PRIME (Manny hasn’t been able to claim that in years) This was the most dangerous opponent out there for him, not named Manny Pacquiao. In taking this fight, he not only deminishes the “cherry-picking” tag, but also the notion that all he cares about is padding his undefeated record.

When Floyd announced that he would go toe-to-toe with Ortiz and end this fight early, I thought he was taking a huge risk. His defensehas always been his greatest weapon, and to throw that aside would be INSANE! But Floyd came into this fight determined to stand in front of Victor Ortiz and fight. Round after round, he landed solid blows to every part of his target. By the 3rd Round, not only did Mayweather look like the YOUNGER, STRONGER, HUNGRIER man, but he was literally walking Ortiz down in the ring. Mayweather started the round throwing 4 or 5-hit combinations that he hasn’t exhibited since the Arturo Gatti fight. He caught some solid shots in the process, but never once looked hurt or even bothered by Ortiz’s power.

So as far as all Mayweather’s promises, he fulfilled them all, including making it an early night for his STAR-STRUCK opponent.

Now, of course I have to address the contraversal Round that will overshadow the entire fight. Here is my COUCH SPORTS EXPERT opinion of what happened in the Final Round:

Mayweather opened the round with an obvious determination to end “Vicious” Victor’s night. He came out throwing hard, accurate combinations that there seemed to be no answer for. With about 1 minute left in the round, Ortiz landed a body shot that sent Mayweather to the ropes. Victor followed with a flurry of punches, a few landing, that earned nothing more than a smile from Floyd. Realizing that he could not land anything solid with his hands, Ortiz decides to launch has head directly into Floyd’s mouth. Referee Cortez stops the action, separates the two fighters, informs each judge to deduct a point for the infraction, and addresses Ortiz directly. Here’s whereit all got even more weird. Ortiz goes over to apologize and kisses Mayweather on his cheek. The Ref makes the UNIVERSAL HAND MOTION for the fighters to continue the fight, and turns to have the clock restarted. The two fighters go foward to engage, but Ortiz wants one last hug. They hug, and as they separate, Ortiz drops his hands, and Floyd ends the night with a 2-hit combo that put a wide grin on his Accountant’s face.

In the upcoming days, and even weeks, we will hear numerous accounts of the happenings of this round, but none will be unbias. Each opinion will depend on how the interpreter feels about Mayweather. The honest TRUTH is that NOTHING WRONG WAS DONE ON MAYWEATHER’S PART. The timing of the two hits were perfect to spark contraversy, and the outcome was horrible, but there were too many elements that made this play PERFECTLY LEGAL. 1. Replays show that Referee Cortez gave the signal for both men to fight. Even though he turned his attention, when Ortiz went down, Cortez started the count. If Cortez thought the action was still paused, why was Floyd not penalized or disqualified? 2. When Ortiz went down, his corner reacted in encouraging him to get up. If they thought the action was stopped, where was the outrage? 3. At the conclusion of the 10-count, the crowd went WILD in cheering for Floyd’s victory. Only after the replay, which cut off showing Cortez give the signal, did the crowd react negatively. Were thousands of on-looking fans fooled? 4. Listen to Larry Merchant‘s original comments after the fight. He talked about how floyd put on a great show, and finally his EXCITEMENT IN THE RING MATCHED HIS EXCITEMENT OUTSIDE OF THE RING. Again, only after seeing the replay did he change his tone, and decide to challenge Floyd in the post-fight interview. 5. After he was finished getting attended to by the physicians, Ortez goes to embrace Floyd and show him respect. Again, if he thought the fight was still paused,where is the outrage?

Trust me, I, like any real boxing fan, wish that this fight would’ve ended differently. I wish Floyd would’ve refrained from taking those two punches and the fight would’ve lived on for another round. I felt that Floyd was going for the kill, and would’ve ended it all in a matter of minutes regardless. I feel that this ended only gives fuel to his many critics as they try to take away credit for another artistic display of PURE BOXING. But I end with this. I believe that with 9 seconds left in the round, every one had the same understanding: THE FIGHT WAS RESTARTED. To belive otherwise, we would have to believe that Referee Cortez, the judges, the crowd, Ortiz’s corner, and even Ortiz himself, are ALL part of some large CONSPIRACY to keep Floyd Mayweather undefeated. I’d much rather believe that beating Floyd Mayweather is “EASIER SAID THAN DONE”.

  1. @ Tre… Does cotto and margarito is not one of the best ..did mayeweather fight them or ducked them?…the answer is YES they are one of the best and YES mayweather ducked them both.. i know that you know that…But Pacquiao fought and destroy them …never ever ducked anyone like what may’s does.
    I just appreciate his (mayweather) boxing skills as a boxing fan…but im no longer a fan of this (mayweather) cherry picker and coward one.

    Now my question is.. did your god Mayweather gonna fight Sergio Martinez????… (mayweather is much more qualified in fighting martinez …than pacquiao fighting martinez ..coz mayweather is bigger, have long reach and fought delahoya in154)


    You all know that mayweather can easily fight or agree to fight or make a fight to anyone ANYTIME HE WANTS TO…. but why ONLY to Pacquiao he makes and hide to all of this SILLY DEMANDS knowing that YOU ALL KNOW that MAYWEATHER SAID that “HE CAN BEAT PAC WITH OR WITHOUT PEDs” …why he is still hiding to that OLD TUNE …making that silly demands for the very first time of his career? WHY TRE? WHYYYYYYYYY? WHYYYYYYYYYY???????????? hahaha

  2. Tre says:

    You said it best: you were a Mayweather fan before. You can’t say you stopped being a fan because he doesn’t fight the best, because Pacquiao definitely doesn’t fight the best. He fights May’s sloppy seconds

  3. you can’t blame ME for discrediting him… floyd do his job the way he is BEFORE … thats why i like him..and floyd do his job NOW the way he is USED TO BE… thats why i hate him…
    Blame it all to Floyd. If he fights Pac and Martinez either of the two..and win in a onesided decision ..i like him again. He’s the best among the best for me. But for Now its very far from the reality. he is the reason why people dislikes him…even his own diehard fans.

  4. you can’t blame ME for discrediting him… floyd do his job the way he is BEFORE … thats why i like him..and floyd do his job NOW thats why i hate him…
    Blame it all to Floyd. If he fights Pac and Martinez either of the two..and win in a onesided decision ..i like him again. He’s the best among the best for me. But for Now its very far from the reality. he is the reason why people dislikes him…even his own diehard fans.

  5. DaShawn says:

    Albert-can’t agree with you at all on this one. You can’t say it’s a conspiracy one way and then argue a different excuse the other way. Plus I’m sure no one was saying this when Pacquiao fought Clottey. Great friends and Clottey never even tries to fight. Thats BEING PAID TO LOSE. You are like most boxing viewers. You were a Floyd fan until he retired and Manny came along and showed skills. Now you try to discredit Floyd. My best friend is the sAme way. Loved Floyd and now tries to hate on him.

  6. “If Mayweather have gotten knocked out, no one who would claiming anything was planned.”

    Ofcourse and that is true…Ortiz doesnt have enough Money to Pay all the people Around.. But Floyd have it and have power to do it. thats the reason why Ortiz wants Floyd

    and act like fool.

    The reason why floyd is hiding and pushing through the old tune drugtesting is because of USADA .. WHY FLOYD wants USADA and not WADA?..coz he know that he has a great Influence to it and I know that you know this.
    He avoid Pac..coz he cant BUY Pacquiao… coz Pacquiao is a real fighter and He know that he is not sure to defeat Pac… thats the reason why he wants olympic drugtesting to be made in USADA coz he has INFLUENCE to it. If ever he lost to Pacquiao he will used USADA to defame pacquiao by making an “ANOMALIES” that Pac is Positive in PEDS. thats all.

    FLOYD is not belongs to a COMMISION ..He is a fighter and a Promoter.. So He is not allowed to make any rules in boxing all by himself.

    -Dont keep yourself blind..The Truth will Prevail-

    Mayweather: “I can defeat Pacquiao Easily with or without peds”

    Me: “So why you keep yourself hiding on the Old tune drugtesting…for the first time of your career??? why?? why????????……hahahahaha”

    -I know that you know the true answer on your BOGUS couch sports expert-

  7. So, basically, after months of critics saying Ortiz would hurt Floyd, Floyd only runs, Floyd has no power, Floyd is dirty……………now that he jumped in the ring with the guy, looked stronger, showed power, stood in front of him, was never in danger, and won easily… you want to cry CONSPIRACY THEORY? All those question are irrelevant. Why has Manny been fighting has-been fighters, who are all coming off a beating or suspension? That’s their choice.

    The whole CONSPIRACY THEORY is am excuse from the people who wanted him to lose. If Mayweather have gotten knocked out, no one who would claiming anything was planned.

  8. Boxing is “Sport” and a great sportman Icon must show “SPORTMANSHIP” in the Ring… Legal or not Legal..that was an “OPPORTUNIST” cheap Shot …instead of finishing the fight showing his skills,power and intelligence inside the ring he choo se to be a greedy “PIRANHA”.
    My Question to you now is.. WHY does a person who play dirty and win dirty is the No.1 P4P for you??? is that fair??? i thought this article has a fair judgement to any athlete…but it seems not.

    If you want to get my point and be enlightened better read this article.
    here’s the link:

  9. ” we would have to believe that Referee Cortez, the judges, the crowd, Ortiz’s corner, and even Ortiz himself, are ALL part of some large CONSPIRACY to keep Floyd Mayweather undefeated”

    This is actually my opinion after watching the fight…
    to support what’s written above read my enumeration..

    1. Mayweather picks Ortiz as his opponent (why not Amir Khan or Pacquiao? this is what people wants to see rather than fighting Ortiz)…

    2. Mayweather picks the Old and slow Joe Cortez as a referee (why not Kenny Bayless..a younger and sharper referee than joe) according to FMJr to the media before the fight when he asked why he picks Joe as a referee…He said “joe never fail me ever since…he is fair to me”

    3. A fighter due to series of trainings..His refelex is also developed… and even a normal individual has also a reflex especially when he feels that he’s in danger…but why Ortiz as a PROFESSIONAL BOXER and a CHAMPION…did not cover himself from a First Sucker Punch of Mayweather and allow the Second to land on him…where’s his reflex???? he did’nt move his head also..knowing the fact that FMJr is not located in a blindspot..He is in front of him. Why he keeps himself unguarded???

    4. In His previous fights We saw how Ortiz stand up from a serious knockdown for several times… But why Ortiz on that night didn’t stand up for the first time knowing that 9 sec. remaining to restart the round???

    5. joe cortez seems so Strange.. he gave Ortiz deduction from the headbutt.. send to the neutral corner ..and say lets go and take a look to both fighters (it looks like he is making sure that mayweather is on reach to take advantage) and keep his eye for so long to the Time keeper after saying “time in”

    6. After the referees decision “fight is over” after counting why Ortiz did not contest for the decision..if he think that mayweather send an illegal blow ..we see that on the first punch ortiz contest to the referee right? but why when he got knockdown and result to KO and the ref said its over..he’s not contesting like what Arturo Gatti did?

    7. we all know that this is considers as a megafight ..it means “Big Money” to earn for both boxers… i just wonder why the word “REMATCH” came first to mayweathers mouth..than Ortiz? does this is the bottomline of all the conspiracy??? to have a rematch and another “GREAT PAY DAY” for both of them?

    You know, .I was so upset to the result of the fight. I do believe that if they fight the real fight..Mayweather will win via UD and not in the way i see. Mayweather had a great defensive skills in boxing and Ortiz cant stand a chance for him.
    Wether it is arranged or not.. I dont Like the way Mayweather Finished the fight ..because coming from a pro like Mayweather, an undefeated so called king, that was a really No class for a champion.

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