A month ago, I joined in on the P4P war, by writing a post called “POUND 4 POUND KING”. In that article, my final conclusion was that when arguing credentials between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr., BOTH fighters should be considered the best, EQUALLY. After last Saturday’s events, I’d like to give Part 2 of my “POUND FOR POUND KING” opinion.

Saturday, September 17th, marked the ring return of Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. After a 16-month lay off, questions surrounded the boxer’s AGE, SPEED, REFLEXES, and LEGS. After 2 1/2 rounds of boxing, every viewer had to believe that Mayweather not only still possessed every skill that has kept him undefeated, but he also was determined to silence the critics that claim “HE HAS NO POWER” and “HE RUNS AROUND THE RING, AFRAID TO ENGAGE”. The ending was very BIZARRE (to say the least), but it only created controversy and drama undeniable future: VICTOR ORTIZ WAS GOING TO GET KNOCKED OUT! I have read the opinions of many critics, and even Manny Pacquiao, who all claim the ending punches were cheap and a cop-out, but let’s be real; no Manny Pacquiao fan will ever give Floyd his due credit. Also, Manny and Floyd are in an all out VERBAL, PROFESSIONAL, and LEGAL war against one another. So Manny isn’t going to give Floyd and credit either. As a matter of fact, Pacquiao has gone on record stating that he believes Floyd was losing the fight, and the “sucker-punch” came when he sensed his undefeated record “slipping away”. Comments like these make me think maybe Manny really IS on drugs? (not PED‘s….CRACK!) But, to put an end to the whole thing, an overwhelming amount of professional boxers have gone on record in saying FLOYD DID NOTHING WRONG, BECAUSE THE REF RESTARTED THE FIGHT. CASE CLOSED.

IN MY COUCH EXPERT OPINION: Who is the P4P #1? Mayweather just faced a BIGGER, STRONGER, YOUNGER (by 10 years), HUNGRY, CHAMPION, who is still in his PRIME, and COMING OFF A HUGE WIN. Over the past 3 years, which of Manny’s opponents have we been able to say that about? NONE. Even if Pacquiao knocks Juan Manual Marquez with one punch, in the first minute, of the first round, he is still facing an OLD, FAMILIAR FOE, that we all said was TOO SLOW and BLOATED at the Welterweight division.

MY COUCH EXPERT OPINION: Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the Pound 4 Pound King. I cannot honestly place him second to a fighter who has fought the SAME opponents, years later. The win over Victor Ortiz easily trumps any opponent that either fighter has faced over the last 3 years. Floyd faced him, and the outcome was unquestionable. With such a victory, credit must be given. And at this point in both of their careers, the only opponent that could put Manny back on top, in my opinion, would be SERGIO MARTINEZ, or Floyd himself. Hopefully, we will have the latter in MAY 2012.

Don’e forget to catch the replay of MAYWEATHER-ORTIZ this Saturday night at 9:45 p.m. (Eastern time)

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  1. @Lev..your opinion is much qualified to be the Couchsportsexperts compare to the one who claim that title……i like your being not biased to your statement though i am a big fan of manny…
    You consider floyd for #1 p4p thats good to hear Lev…coz me too i would put mayweather at the #1 p4p list if he beat Ortiz in a Skillful and well mannered way or in a fair and square fight..but he did not do it that way thats why for me he’s still at the back of Pac.. but i respect your decision that you have put them both at the number 1 spot. =)

  2. Lev says:

    Completely disagree here, good sir, on your revised P4P opinion. You said in your previous post that styles make fights, but you seem to disregard that in this latest assessment. Any guy that is as defensively deficient as Victor Ortiz doesn’t stand much of a chance against Floyd. This is not to say that Ortiz is not a great fighter — he is! — but he is just way too easy to hit.

    Additionally, saying that “The win over Victor Ortiz easily trumps any opponent that either fighter has faced over the last 3 years” is simply not true. Manny’s victory over Cotto is just as impressive, if not more so, than Floyd beating Ortiz. Cotto’s only loss was to Margarito, a very solid fighter to begin with, and perhaps even more “solid” than usual, if you know what I mean (though of course we’ll never know for sure). Cotto, much like Ortiz, was also a BIGGER, STRONGER guy, with something to prove — and though not as young as Ortiz, Cotto is in my opinion the better skilled figher. I think a fight between those two would be a great fight, and it is not at all clear who would win.

    I do not think that the Ortiz fight changed anything. Sure, Floyd beat Ortiz. Well, Manny beat a fighter of the same caliber in Cotto. Plus, styles make fights, so it’s hard to know anyway. In my view, we are in the same place we were before — there are two entries at the #1 P4P spot. It’s really impossible to rank one over the other.

    Are you sure you are not a closet Floyd fan, sir? You certainly do seem to give him a whole lot more slack than you do Manny.

    • I think Cotto is a good fighter but he also was coming off the most devastating loss of his life. We can say whatever we want about Ortiz AFTER THE FACT, but so many people on these blogs were swearing that Floyd would go in a shell and get knocked out. I’ve asked every Pacquiao fan the same question: OVER THE PAST 3 YEARS, ALL OF MANNY’S TOP FIGHTS HAVE BEEN GUYS THAT FLOYD BEAT A YEAR EARLIER. (other than Cotto and Marg) AND EVERY ONE OF HIS OPPONENTS WERE COMING OFF FIGHTS IN THEIR PREVIOUS BIG FIGHT. SO HOW IS MANNY P4P #1?

  3. Couch Sports Experts wall post in FB:

    Upon REPLAY of the MAYWEATHER-ORTIZ fight, I was wrong. Floyd didn’t beat him FAIR and SQUARE…he EMBARRASSED him FAIR and SQUARE!

    Thats what i mean… If this fight is not belongs to “CONSPIRACY” .. Floyd should have to win by showing his skills …skills that what people wants to see and what people likes in him including me… but the fight ended the way he wants to (looks like a Greedy)… he never ended the fight the way it should be “a square fight”.
    If the fight ends without any contreversy… i thought Floyd will win via UD..he may knockdown Ortiz but Ortiz will stand up and will lose the fight via UD.

  4. DaShawn says:

    We replayed that last round several times, and I see how Floyd was ready to fight, the Ref told them to fight, and Ortiz wanted to hug again and leave his hands down. I think he was ready for the fight to be over but didn’t want to quit like in the Madaina fight. If he hadn’t quit years ago he would’ve quit then. Good strong win for Floyd. Floyd vs Pacman in 2012 (I pray)

  5. Yes I Admit that I am A Solid Fan of Manny and not “Money”… but i like the fair judgement between the two for me to see the difference of the two….and for your information..i am a fan of PBF jr first before i became a fan of Manny… i was enlightened when i notice “Money” became cherry picky.. i admire his skills, intelligence and precision in boxing but what i dont like him he dodge most best fighters ..like cotto, margarito, and now…..
    now to seal his legacy why dont he fight any of the 2 best fighter in the world either of Pacquiao or Martinez….
    Many articles and Interviews now shows that Pac agreed to the Olympic Drug testing.. but still why mayweather dont want to fight manny….

    Dont ever tell me that you are giving a fair judgement to any athlete…coz after doing my assignment…i found out that you are fooling all the people here…..coz “YOU ARE A ONESIDED PRO MAYWEATHER”.

    On Your response to my comments it seems that you did’nt got my point and did not read the link of the article that i sent to you.. better check it again to understand what i mean to say …especially the “dirty” for not showing “SPORTMANSHIP” and not for doing somethng illegal coz i know that sucker punch is LEGAL.

    in addition: here’s the link that you supposed to send to me…to show you that im doing own research before i send you a comment.

    fighthype.com is allegedly known as floydhype.com coz most of the article here are made in favor of floyd.

    but on that link i see nothing wrong about comments of all professional boxer. coz i know that sucker punch is LEGAL. what i dont like is the way mayweather finished the fight.coz i want him to prove to the world that he is the best and still not fading by showing his skills and intelligence in boxing ONCE AGAIN during that night.

    • Again…when I first wrote the P4P post, I put them both EQUAL. Since that post, Floyd has fought Victor Ortiz (younger, stronger, bigger, hungry, Champion, still in his prime) Manny will be fighting Marquez again. If I had the EVEN before how can I not put may ahead?
      But like you said you were a PBF fan first. I have read several articles that say Manny has agreed to testing, but the majority of them are Bob Arum saying “there are no further issues with the OSDT”…no contract has been signed. Also, many of those articles came in the recent months. Was Floyd supposed to say “Okay, Ortiz, Manny agreed, so just forget our fight” ?

      In none of my articles am I down-playing or accusing PAC of anything. But if you say one is cherry-picking, so is the other

  6. I like giving fair judgement and discussing it, but it also obvious that you are sold on Manny Pacquiao being perfect and untouchable, and therefore, in your opinion, Floyd can do nothing good or right. Hopefully we will find out next year

  7. I think you and alot of other dritics are trying to judge the entire fight by what happened at the end….and only to discredit Mayweather. The Ref gave them the motion to “fight”. Ortiz wanted one last hug, and backed off with his hands down. I don’t believe you actually saw the fight, because it all boils down to one thing…FIRST REACTIONS. Just like I said in “42-0”, no one….not Ortiz, his corner, the Ref, the crowd, Larry Merchant thought anything was dirty until they saw half of the replay. I need to send you a link where PROFESSIONAL boxers all sided with Floyd….except Manny of course

  8. Boxing is “Sport” and a great sportman Icon must show “SPORTMANSHIP” in the Ring… Legal or not Legal..that was an “OPPORTUNIST” cheap Shot …instead of finishing the fight showing his skills,power and intelligence inside the ring he choo se to be a greedy “PIRANHA”.
    My Question to you now is.. WHY does a person who play dirty and win dirty is the No.1 P4P for you??? is that fair??? i thought this article has a fair judgement to any athlete…but it seems not.

    If you want to get my point and be enlightened better read this article.
    here’s the link:

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