Posted: September 27, 2011 in MLB BASEBALL


When the month of September started, the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves were seating COMFORTABLY in a Playoff seat. The Sox were the best team in their Division, and seemed to be “firing on all cylinders” every night. Atlanta owned the NL Wildcard position and seemed to be able to beat any team. (except the Phillies) And then….it happened. What is “it” you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA!

I really don’t know what has happened since September 3rd. With tonight’s lose, Boston’s September record is 5-17, and they are now tied with the Tampa Bay Rays for the wildcard spot. With 2 games left in the season for both teams, it just feels like one has given up. The Rays are playing the BEST team in the division, and the BoSox are playing the WORST, but the momentum is clearly on Tampa’s side. The Sox are playing like a team who is being paid to lose: missed relay throws, botched tags, defensive errors, and offensive errors. What has to be HEARTBREAKING to any Boston fan is the fact that the Red Sox still don’t see to have any SENSE OF URGENCY. Even worse is the APPEARANCE that the Yankees want to make their rival Red Sox sweat by playing half-hearted against the Rays, and the Rays are playing like they are the best team in baseball. Maybe the AL Wild Card race will come down to which team has the bigger desire to play SPOILER…..the Yankees or the Orioles.
In the NL, the Atlanta Braves have not looked much better in the month of September. They have recently gone 7-15, and allowed an 8 1/2 game lead over the St. Louis Cardinal’s slip to 1 game. The Braves have to be sweating right now, but their slide is alittle more justifiable. By the end of the season, they would’ve played the Philadelphia Phillies (the best team in baseball) six times in the last month, and the Cardinals (the team chasing them) three times. In other words, the Braves haven’t been facing the “bottom of the barrell” MLB teams. The next 2 games won’t get any easier, because they still have the Phillies to deal with, while the Cardinals are facing a struggling Houston Astros team. The only good thing for the Braves is that the team chasing them can’t seem to take advantage of their struggles.
On this WILD, WILD, race to the Playoffs, there are 2.0 Games to go, and any of these 4 teams can make it in. Just like the real NASCAR Cup Series, some teams look to be running out of gas on the final lap, some have made adjustments at the perfect time, and others are patiently drafting behind the leader, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pass.

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