Posted: October 6, 2011 in NFL FOOTBALL
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"What do you mean you're questioning our PREPARATION??!!"


Each week, once the dust settles from Sunday’s and Monday night’s games, I try to piece together WHAT I THINK I LEARNED FROM THE NFL. So far, I have been good at not flip-flopping my way through each week, and staying consistent with the same argument. Monday night marked the end of the first Quarter of NFL games, and I have learned one primary lesson about the 2011 season: DON’T PRAISE ANYONE.
I know it sounds simple, but every opinion or prediction I have made this year would have been much more ACCURATE if I would’ve just followed this one simple rule.


• We all looked at the off-season moves the Philadelphia Eagles were making and we placed them in the Super Bowl before they played ONE, SINGLE GAME as a unit. What we’ve seen from them in the first 4 games is a back and forth struggle with the 0-4 St. Louis Rams, and then 3 losses in a row.

• I remember reading an article, after Week 1, about the multiple teams who had a true shot at going undefeated this year. Among the teams were the Jets, Patriots, Bills, Texans, Eagles, Ravens, and Redskins. By the end of Week 3, each one of these teams had a mark in the LOSS column.

• Immediately after the victory over the Patriots, we truly started BELIEVING in the Bills. And they ended their “15 MINUTES OF FAME” by losing….to….the….BENGALS?

• Tony Romo goes out in Week 2, and with broken ribs and a punctured lung, looks like a HOF quarterback. The following week he overcomes his inexperienced, mistake-prone team and pilots a masterful 4th quarter comeback. He finally made us forget all the botched snaps and late game collapses. Then this week……EVERY BIT OF CRITICISM RESURFACED!

Side Note: I can’t point out all the PREMATURE PRAISES without pointing out those who have delivered week after week. BUT I also have to point out some flaws with each one.

• The “DEFENDING CHAMPS” still look like the team to beat this season, BUT they have given up a lot of points to opposing offenses.

• Detroit’s impressive season continues, BUT they have had to erase late deficits in 3 out of 4 of their games.

• If we were already placing votes for the Rookie of the Year, Cam Newton would be # 1, 2, and 3 in the ranking order. If he wasn’t a rookie, he would probably be among the top 5 in MVP voting. BUT too much is asked of him at this point. And one devastating hit could leave them with the 1st Pick in the 2012 Draft.

Of course we’re going to enjoy the success stories of this season while they last, but I have a feeling that our PRAISE will be cut short in the near future.


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