STEPHEN GARCIA: Purposely Less Productive?

Posted: October 10, 2011 in NCAA FOOTBALL
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There is a quote that I learned early in my career that I often use when talking about statistics: “MEN LIE, AND WOMEN LIE, BUT NUMBERS DON’T LIE” So while we may perceive something to be one way, the NUMBERS can be very “telling”. Enter STEPHEN GARCIA, the highly recruited high school star from Florida. Garcia’s collegiate career has always been plagued by off-field NONSENSE, but has he now brought his antics on the field? Rumors are swirling that a “source” very, very, very close to the South Carolina Gamecocks team has stated that Quarterback Stephen Garcia is being investigated for POINTS SHAVING. While there is no PROOF to these rumors (yet), it is interesting to see how quickly his QB stock has fallen. Garcia has gone from being an offensive stud in 2010, hoisting a 9-5 record, and winning the SEC East… a guy who was suspended twice before the season even began, and is now coming off the bench. For the next few weeks, before we get anything solid, all we can do is speculate.


There are 2 things to remember with every RUMOR….
1. It’s just that…a rumor. If there were solid facts behind the accusation, it would be called a “FACT”.
But my next opinion about rumors is more fitting…
2. Rumors don’t just appear out of thin air. They may be far-fetched at times, and even silly, but in most cases, are formed from some piece of TRUTH.

So in Garcia’s case, there are players who have far worse and more suspicious numbers than his. So the questions have to be asked where are theses rumors coming from, and why would a “source” very, very, very close to the team believe that this guy is tainting the game?

When this story fully breaks, just remember where you heard it first.

  1. Eh, I’m no Garcia fan at all, he might be my least favorite player in the nation right now…But even I don’t buy it. The kid comes from money, and for all his faults, and there are many of them, he is competitive. More likely he’s had a tough time dealing with the off-season and was never really ready to come back like nothing’s happened

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