Posted: October 11, 2011 in NFL FOOTBALL
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Another INSANE week in the National Football League has come and gone, and now I have to figure out what I learned from this week.
First, let me say that this season has been phenomenal so far. Through Week 5, I feel like I’m watching the movie “ANY GIVEN SUNDAY”. Obviously no Jamie Foxx and LL Cool J beef, but I mean that simply from the title. ANY GIVEN SUNDAY, ANY GIVEN TEAM can go out there and beat the team we were praising the week before.
So, what I think I learned this week was the meaning of the word “INCONSISTENCY”.

• Remember the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who have no “big name” studs on the team, but keep winning week after week, and were tied at the top of the NFC South? And then this week they go out on the football field and play a JUNIOR VARSITY team. They honestly looked worse in their loss than the 0-5 teams out there.

• The Giants go out and look like JUGGERNAUTS for the past few weeks (especially against the Eagles) We were finally giving Eli his due credit, and the defense was on point. And then they ran into the……Seahawks?

• For the past 4 seasons we have been saying that the Houston Texans are on the verge of being a great team. With Peyton Manning being a non-factor, and therefore his Colts beginning the season completely lifeless, this seemed to be the perfect year for them to take over the AFC South. The key words in my previous sentence are “SEEMED TO BE”

The other INCONSISTENCIES I saw were even worse than the week-to-week examples I just gave. Many teams have quarter-to-quarter woes as if their teams have a split personality.

• The Falcons were up 14-0 on the defending Champions. They played the 1st half, on both sides of the ball, like the team who had the best record in the NFC last year. And then they couldn’t manage to even score a field goal for the rest of the game.

• The Eagles live up to their “Dream Team” title every other quarter. At times, they look fast, elusive, and unstoppable. Other times they look like they were just handed the playbook minutes before the game.

I’m still waiting for the week where the team that is “supposed” to win goes out on the field and proves why they are heavily favored.

So, I think I learned that the first team who can play CONSISTENT football will probably raise the Laumbardi Trophy in the end.

  1. Roger "RDub" Meads says:

    Good stuff…!

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