What’s Hiding Behind the “GREEN MONSTER”?

Posted: October 14, 2011 in MLB BASEBALL
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It’s been over two weeks since the Boston Red Sox played their last game of the 2011 Baseball Season, and yet they are dominating the baseball talk of the sports world. In the span of 40 days we have watched them go from the top team in the AL East, to the target of every negative story in baseball. We witnessed one of the most horrendous collapses in MLB history. (maybe not the worst, but coming from a team like the BoSox, it felt like it) Following their exit from Playoff contention, we sat by and watched as Terry Francona was told “Thanks for the 2 RINGS, and teaching us how to when, but your services are no longer needed”. Huh? Now we have learned that Theo Epstein will be taking that job with the Chicago Cubs, and ultimately taking other valuable pieces (including his self) away from what we thought was a “POWER HOUSE” organization. And, in the spirit of kicking a man while he’s down, now every thing that can be blamed on their collapse comes to surface; partying and alcohol in the locker room, players not taking their collapse as serious as they should’ve, team disunity, players not respecting Tito, BLAH – BLAH, BLAH – BLAH – BLAH.

But it all makes you wonder WHAT WAS REALLY HIDING BEHIND THAT BIG GREEN MONSTER OVER IN LEFT FIELD? Is this organization not really who we think they are?

I remember when Manny Ramirez walked away from the Red Sox, and spoke about how UNCARING and DRAMA-filled the organization was. Now we hear David Ortiz in an interview, not giving definite answers about his future, and talking about there being “TOO MUCH DRAMA”. I’m starting to wonder, was Manny right? Is this entire “ship” about to sink? Is it time for us to jump ship?

I think all the news around the Red Sox is them getting their just due. When you have high expectations on your shoulders and you under-achieve, that “TARGET” on your back gets tagged. Personally, I don’t blame their collapse on poor coaching or a disunified team. I blame one guy: PAPELBON! I understand he plays for the Major Leagues, but this isn’t the movie “Major League”. And he definitely is not “Wild Thing”. The plan to stand there and throw 200 consecutive fastballs with the attitude of “hit me if you can” completely FAILED. It was stupid, reckless, and can be credited for at least 4 major losses down the stretch.

The Red Sox will move on and be just fine, but I wish someone will step up and be a guiding voice and say “Hey guys, ‘Top Dog’ organizations don’t act like this!” 26 other teams, including the New York Yankees, Philadelphia Phillies, and defending World Champion San Francisco Giants, are sitting at home, just like the Red Sox. None of them are having media and personnel MELTDOWNS.

I just wish Boston would’ve been this urgent to adjust and panic when they still had a chance to actually make the Playoffs.

  1. ATCA says:

    pappelbon? a man that gave up just 3 blown saves? and dont give me that he blown those saves in the wrong possible time because if all the red sox were doing their job they would not have to depend on pappy and the saves he blown. THREE, 3, trio, tres ,,however you would like it said , its still the same thing 3 blown saves and hitter who cant hit, pichers who cant last more than five innings and numerous other things wrong with that team. YOUR BLAMING SOMEONE WHO IS A FRACTION OF THE PROBLEM 9 and with 31 saves out of 34 is good.

    • I’m a Sox fan, BUT none of those other problems can be pointed out when Pap had leads in every case, went out there, and through multiple fastballs that caused them to lose it. He lost it for them the last 2 out of 3 games.

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