Posted: October 18, 2011 in NFL FOOTBALL
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Each week I try to run through WHAT I THINK I LEARNED from the NFL games that have wrapped up. At the beginning of the season, my thoughts were more extensive, because each week brought on new thoughts and new perspective. Lately, each week has taken on its own theme. A few weeks ago I learned that this year YOU CAN’T PRAISE ANYONE. As soon as we would “crown” a team for their greatness, they would come out and be a bust the following week.

This week I have learned just the opposite: YOU CAN’T KICK ANYONE WHILE THEY’RE DOWN. As soon as we determine that a team is on a downward spiral, the “killer instinct” kicks in, they show up, show off, and shut us up. Afterwards, we’re left scratching our heads for answers, and someone new to pick on.


• I picked the Redskins to destroy the Eagles back in Week 5, before the Eagles were finished losing to the Bills. I thought a rested ‘Skins team, at home, would be primed to give Philly their 5th lose in a row. Philly’s offense looked good, defense looked great, and they turned all the question marks on the Redskins.

• After what I saw from the Giants in Week 5, I was once again convinced that Eli was still unable to consistently perform at an elite level. I picked the “red hot” Bills to go in and get an easy “W”. We all see how wrong I was.

• I know it doesn’t make much sense for me to give props to one of the Week 6 losers, but after the way the Cowboys squandered a 24-point lead against the Lions a few weeks ago, I thought they would be embarrassed by New England. I think we all kicked Romo down for his performance. But this Cowboys team muscled up, and it took a comeback in the final minute to secure a victory for Brady.

• I personally make it a point to KICK DOWN the Cincinnati Bengals every week. They are another team that have done nothing more than lose top players each season. (Houshmandzadeh, Ochocinco, T.O., Carsen Palmer) The Bengals are 4-2, and continue to grind out their doubters in the process.

• I admit my final point with much delight. After the beating my Tampa Bay Buccaneers took last week, I was kicking them harder than anyone. There was no way I was picking them to do any better against a dangerous Saints offense. Even going into halftime up by 10 points, I expected bad habits to cost the Buccs at any point. I didn’t mind being wrong about this one.


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