“POUND 4 POUND” KING – Part 3 – I Retract

Posted: October 19, 2011 in BOXING
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A few months ago I wrote an article that has now become a series called “POUND 4 POUND” KING.

In Part 1, I concluded that regardless of the many critics who try to discredit each boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao deserve to be EQUALLY praised and ranked for their elustrias careers. My primary argument was that both men have followed the same path, give or take a few opponents. And contrary to the belief of Pacquiao fans, you can’t give one guy MORE credit for facing the same opponent a year later. Nor can you give a fighter a higher rank for beating the opponent worse than the other guy beat the same opponent. Just as, you cannot give a guy MORE CREDIT for beating the same opponent under “better circumstances”. At the point of my first article, in August, I felt like the only accurate ranking would be to place them BOTH at #1 on the P4P List.

In Part 2, after the Mayweather-Ortiz fight, I reevaluated my initial thoughts and easily placed Floyd as my #1 Pound 4 Pound. My logic was simple. If Mayweather and Pacquiao were both #1 BEFORE there big fights at the end of this year, Floyd would easily be be the sole #1 after his knockout of a YOUNGER, STRONGER, BIGGER, HUNGRY, PRIME, CHAMPION in Victor Ortiz. My opinion was fixed that no matter how well Pacquiao performs in his fight against Juan Manual Marquez, He would still be #2. Again, Pacquiao fans scratched their heads at my explanation, but again, it was quite simple. After Floyd beat JMM at the Welter Weight, his critics said “Floyd fought a little guy, who was too SLOW and BLOATED at 147 pounds. The same critics are ready to throw rose petals at Manny’s feet when he beats the same FAMILIAR FOE at a weight that his boxing skills hasn’t formed into. Again, it doesn’t make any sense.

Part 3: I’ve done some thinking on both of these fighters, and realized where the POUND 4 POUND argument is flawed. Too many times, we take the best of boxing and place them on a P4P list, even if the don’t qualify. POUND FOR POUND: A list that should consist of those who have moved up through weight classes, dominating the best of each division. And yet, we have placed boxers such as the Klitschko brothers in the Top 10 P4P listing, when they have only fought professionally in one division. To be on this list, you should be required to have at least 3 Divisions under your belt. Additionally, the more weight classes and accomplishments would equal a better ranking. So with that in mind, WHO TRULY IS THE #1 POUND 4 POUND KING?

MANNY PACQUIAO. Without any proof of PED’s being involved, what Manny has accomplished has been absolutely remarkable. Eight titles, in eight different weight classes is a tremendous honor. When we are constantly witnessing fighters who move up or down one weight class and completely lose their speed and power, it is crazy to even imagine the difficulty of Pacquiao’s path. He truly is the POUND FOR POUND KING.

What about FLOYD MAYWEATHER? Five titles in five weight divisions is no small accomplishment in itself, but I would still put him at #2 P4P. While I may have retracted my original ranking, there is one thing that I stand by; Floyd is the #1 fighter in the Welter Weight division, and WHEN they meet in the ring, he will prove it. To casual fight fans, these statements are confusing, but they make perfect sense. Floyd is the better fighter, but Manny has transcended through the weight classes like no other. Hopefully in May of next year they will be facing each other in a WINNER TAKE ALL showdown.

  1. kayser9soze says:

    I don’t agree, not one bit..floyd has 2 fights in 3 years..that in itself should null him from even ranking. What about the guys winning two fights a year..that’s 6 wins to 2 wins…those guys don’t deserve #1 or #2 or #3..just because floyd is a bigger name means jack..he beat mosley and ortiz..two guys who didn’t deserve the fights they got.

    • It’s easy to say that about Mosely NOW. Before, boxing fans were saying he was a “TRUE WW THAT FLOYD NEEDED TO FACE”. And you can’t make that comment without noting the fact that Manny fought SSM a year later.

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