“BYE-BYE”, “BYE” Week Advantage

Posted: October 21, 2011 in NFL FOOTBALL
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Each week of this NFL season I have tested my luck at picking winners for each matchup. After last week’s DEBACLE, I spent some serious time trying to figure out where these games are going wrong, and came across an interesting stat. Week 6 was the first week of teams coming of a “BYE”. (Cleveland, Dallas, St. Louis, Miami, Washington, Baltimore)
While I thought these teams would come in well-rested and with a strong game plan, only one of these teams was able to pull off a win last week. (the Baltimore Ravens) Some of these loses we’re an easy under-dog, but I expected so much more out of others. One of my premature selections for “GAME OF THE WEEK” was the Redskins-Eagles game. With Washington’s nice start, and Philly’s woes, I thought a rested ‘Skins team would smell blood and keep Andy Reid on the HOT SEAT. But I forgot one small detail: The National Football League’s Collective Bargaining Agreement!

The season has already shown some ill effects from the drama and hassling of this past Summer. One of the new guidelines in the CBA is that a team must have 4 CONSECUTIVE DAYS OFF WORK during their “BYE” Week. Not realizing this, I gave teams like the Redskins and edge this past weekend. I now realize that we can say “BYE-BYE” TO THE “BYE” WEEK ADVANTAGE. There so no possible way any team can be prepared for a big game, coming off their “bye” week. Imagine if you are in the middle of changing QB’s and needed that extra week to get a young prospect ready. The four days off does nothing except put a restraint on your progress: Less time on the field. Less time watching film. Less time getting focused. I know the rebuttal is that the time off can be used to get injured players healed, players repositioned, etc. , but in the early stages of the season the primary goal should be FOCUS. The LAST THING I want from my team in the first half of the season is a week away, for them to RELAX. It was tough enough when teams would get in a groove, and then had a break, which in some cases would stop their momentum. Now, they get a break, and must refrain from doing anything football related.

I think the Collective Bargaining Agreement brought about some good changes that will has, and will continue to, improve the league. I don’t think this new additive is one that will have POSITIVE effects.

Side Note: Even though the teams coming off their “BYE” week were 1-5 last weekend, it is important for me to point out that they were POOR-DECENT teams, playing tough matchups. So, with or without a week off, the games probably would’ve yielded the same results. It will be interesting to see what effect this new requirement will have on the top teams in the NFL.


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