Undefeated prize fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s professional record is actually 42-0, with 26 KO’s. As of recently, with his stagnant fight schedule, there has been more discussion about his legal battles than there has been about his ring battles. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Floyd Mayweather critics flood boxing forums every day to scrutinize his legal woes. One of my favorites to laugh at is that he would rather “fight women and security guards instead of facing Manny Pacquiao”.

Wednesday marked the second court case that has gone in his favor in recent months, hence the extra 2-0, 2 KO’s. He was acquitted of misdemeanor harassment charges alleging he threatened the lives of two security guards in an argument about parking tickets outside the his Las Vegas home. Reports and testimonies show that at the time of the encounter, the security guards were seated in their Patrol vehicle, armed with handguns. Any real threat could have easily warranted them to exit their vehicle, draw their registered weapons, or simply drive away. Another factor that probably played into the Judge’s decision was the testimony of the “assaulted” guards, who stated that they “PREFERRED NOT TO TAKE THE CASE TO TRIAL”, which draws two conclusions; 1. There was never any real threat. 2. A MONETARY settlement was the desired outcome.
Mayweather is scheduled for a Dec. 21 evidence hearing on felony charges stemming from a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend and two of their children. The charges allege that he took cell phones belonging to his ex-girlfriend, Josie Harris, and two of their children, which equates to a FELONY ROBBERY CHARGE. Additionally, he threatened to “beat” their children. His charges in this case now total to 2 felony coercion charges, 1 felony robbery charge, 1 misdemeanor domestic battery charge, and 3 misdemeanor harassment charges.
IN MY COUCH EXPERT OPINION: I have stated since allegation # 1 that these many of these charges are completely bogus. Even though I don’t look at “Money” May as a clean-cut, humble-minded, role model, I’ve felt that these cases were more about “WHO” he is, more than being about “WHAT KIND OF PERSON” he is. And who he is, is an undefeated, sports icon that was listed as the 2011 “Forbes # 2 Highest Earning Athlete”, in a year that he fought one fight. I think he will be 3-0 in his legal battles once his domestic dispute settles with his family. As I stated in “POUND 4 POUND KING”, if threatening to discipline your children and take away the things you as a parent paid for is a crime, my parents should be behind bars FOR LIFE. (Mom and Dad, please don’t whip me for that comment)

  1. Good article and well written. Keep it up!

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