"Down to 1 game, then 1 out, then 1 strike, then 1 out again, then 1 strike again"

2011 has marked a New Era in the world of sports. For years we could easily predict a Champion in many of our beloved past times within the first few months of a season starting. (or at least predict who would make it to the Championship) This year, every major Championship has been claimed by a new, improbable “face”: Auburn, Packers, UConn (men), Texas A&M (women), Bruins, and Mavericks.

Friday night, the St. Louis Cardinals joined in on the celebration by defeating the Texas Rangers in Game 7 of the World Series. Even though the Cardinals have consistently been a team that is built to win, the improbability comes from HOW they won.

Once upon a time, the Cardinals were trailing the Atlanta Braves by 8 1/2 games in the NL Wild Card race. (read “WILD, WILD, WILD CARD RACE“) With Pujols battling injury, and only a month left in the season, there was no foreseeable chance of this team making the post season. A few DRAMATIC WEEKS LATER, this team was down to its last game and last chance to make it into the playoffs, and what was once UNIMAGINABLE, was now REALITY. Thursday night the Cardinals found themselves in the same predicament. Not once, but twice, this team was down to 1 STRIKE, in what would have been their LAST OUT, and their FINAL GAME. I don’t think I need to replay what happened.

It’s great to see teams having to EARN the coveted “ONE” Ring these days. As I stated in “CHA CHING, BUT NO BLING BLING“, long gone are the days where a deep check book and popular names will be the path to victory. St. Louis showed the grit and determination of a true Champion. They showed that no matter how broken or beaten a team may look at the end of the season….the post season is a new beginning. NCAA Football should look at last night’s outcome and realize what they are missing. (“PLAYOFFS?! PLAYOFFS?! ARE WE REALLY TALKING ABOUT PLAYOFFS?!”)

Congratulations, and “THANK YOU”, St. Louis Cardinals. Thank you for showing us the TRUE GRIT OF A CHAMPION!

  1. Jim Przybylinski says:

    I’m not entirely sure your point stands. The Cardinals had the best record in baseball as late as June 9th. I believe that qualifies as the first few months.

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