“DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS” was first used by the Texas Department of Transportation to reduce highway littering. It has since become a battle cry for anything associated with the State.

Congratulations to the defending MLB American League Champions, the TEXAS RANGERS! For the second consecutive season, they made it to the big Series, but were gain unable to come up with a different outcome. The Rangers deserve a lot of credit for their post-season run; defeating the red hot Rays in 4 games, closing out the Detroit Tigers in 6 games to make it into the World Series, and coming as close as one strike from earning a Championship. For all their hard work, they will be remembered, at least in the short term, for their Game 6 collapse. When baseball fans finally get over the Game 6 shock, they will realize how hard it is to make it to a World Series, let alone two in a row.

But the state of Texas wasn’t necessarily itching for something to cheer about. Just four months ago the Dallas Mavericks beat the heavily favored Miami Heat to win the 2010-11 NBA Championship. It was a win that had to be refreshing to the league and every fan (except Heat fans) For the first time in four seasons a teams other than the Lakers or Celtics were playing in the Finals. Dallas, who had been exited from the Playoffs in the 1st Round for the previous two seasons, was predicted to have another early departure. 21 games later, they had defeated Portland Trailblazers (4-2), swept the Los Angeles Lakers (4-0, obviously), beat the young, dangerous Thunder (4-1), and ripped the trophy out of the grip of the “Heatles” (4-2).

Months before, we witnessed the first of many Super Bowls that will be hosted in Texas Stadium.

It’s been a good year for Texas. They’ve even got two of their guys in the thick of the battle for the next Republican Presidential nominee (no political feedback needed) But if you were born and raised, are living in, or committed to Texas in any fashion, you have to be proud right now. If you’re lucky, maybe this year’s Super Bowl will be the Dallas Cowboys against the Houston Texans, but I wouldn’t count on it.


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