Posted: November 2, 2011 in NFL FOOTBALL
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"Oooooh....Is that were the Saints were doing on Sunday?"


Psychologist Joyce Brothers once said “A STRONG, POSITIVE SELF-IMAGE IS THE BEST POSSIBLE PREPARATION FOR SUCCESS”. While I completely understand and agree with this view on life…..I have to completely disagree with this way of thinking when it comes to sports. What I learned this week is that too many teams in the National Football League have TOO BIG OF AN OPINION OF THEMSELVES, and therefore, THEY PUT LESS EFFORT INTO GETTING PREPARED, resulting in an UNSUCCESSFUL OUTCOME.

Case and point, let’s view some of the downfalls of some of the better teams in the league.

KEY WIN(S): Chicago Bears (30-13), Houston Texans (40-33), Indianapolis Colts (62-7, not as much the team as the final score), Green Bay Packers (L 34-42, even though it was a loss, it was a close loss to a great team)
KEY LOSS(ES): St. Louis Rams (21-31)

KEY WIN(S): Pittsburgh Steelers (35-7), New York Jets (34-17), Houston Texans (29-14)
KEY LOSS(ES): Tennessee Titans (13-26), Jacksonville Jaguars (7-12)

KEY WIN(S): New England Patriots (34-31), Philadelphia Eagles (31-24), Kansas City (41-7, when Jamal Charles and the entire offense were healthy)
KEY LOSS(ES): Cincinnati Bengals

These are just a few examples, not even mentioning the games that would’ve made this list, if not for some late game heroics (Baltimore vs. Arizona, Week 8) I think it is clear that some of these teams are taking their weekly preparation lightly, depending on the scheduled opponent. I can understand that after coming off a big win against a team like the Steelers, it is easy to try to “RELAX” when you face a dismantled team like the Colts the following week. What I don’t understand is WHY THIS IS STILL HAPPENING IN WEEK 8! I think there have been enough upsets to warrant taking every game seriously. In a league where you only have 16 games to solidify your place in the post-season, every game has to be treated like a “BIG GAME”.

Just as well, the improvement in preparation has to change with the “lower” tier of teams in the NFL also. Many of them hold shocking wins, or near wins, against very good teams. Imagine how different some of their seasons would be if they could play with that same INTENSITY every week, regardless of how dominant the opposing team is supposed to be. The Rams’ Week 8 win over the Saints was impressive, but the true “Litmus test” will be if they can hold that same determination against lesser opponents over the next 4 weeks (Arizona, Cleveland, Seattle, and Arizona)

So, I would like to adjust Joyce Brothers’ philosophy on “PREPARATION” to read as follows: “DILIGENT, UNBIAS PREPARATION IS THE BEST POSSIBLE PREPARATION FOR SUCCESS”.


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