Posted: November 12, 2011 in GOLF
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First, you’re wondering why ANYONE would write a story about Tiger Woods when he seems to be in the midst of imploding during another tournament. It’s a story that I’ve wanted to write, but wanted to make sure it came at the right time. If I write it before a tournament, the results may negate everything written. If I write it after he wins a tournament, I would be jumping back on the bandwagon. In the middle of a tournament where he starts HOT, and then collapses with 1 Round left, seems about right.


It’s funny how 3 years ago, we ranked Tiger as the #1 Athlete in the world, and praised him, even in defeat. It took a public scandal to bring out the worst of his critics. Why did it take the man cheating on his wife for us to find out that he is a “horrible tipper” and an “arrogant bastard”? (not my words)

We’ve all had enough time to hopefully forgive Tiger of his immoral ways. Hopefully he has gained enough humility to go to his family and friends and ask for real, unscripted forgiveness. But in sports, no matter how much controversy surrounds you… matter how apologetic, or remorseful, you may be…..only one thing can bring complete REDEMPTION: WINNING. Winning has a way of making all the negative attention completely go away. Look at other star athletes who have had their lives drug through the media for their negative acts. In January of 2000, Baltimore Ravens LB Ray Lewis was on trial for the MURDER of two gentlemen he was in a dispute with. Though the charges were dismissed, Lewis still faced much scrutiny in the public eye. That is, until the following season, when he lead his Baltimore Ravens to a Super Bowl victory, in which he was named the game’s MVP. I can honestly say that I have heard nothing more about his murder case since that season. In sports, WINNING brings REDEMPTION. Another example is the 2003 sexual assault case of Los Angeles Lakers All-Star Kobe Bryant. Following his arrest, Bryant lost endorsements with McDonald’s and Nutella, and a large percentage of his jersey sales declined. His image was tainted in the public eye, and crowds mocked him for the entire season. In 2008, the Lakers returned to their winning ways, and Kobe’s past became a distant memory. After title wins (without Shaq) in 2009 and 2010, even Denver fans no longer “BOO” when he comes to town. In sports, WINNING brings REDEMPTION.

This is my hope for Tiger. I want to see the greatest golfer in the world win again. Until then, he will never seem to be entirely forgiven and completely back to form. I want to see the crowds, and the fans, and the endorsements flock back after one dominant tournament win. After he wins a few, I want to see him actually lose a tournament and all the blame not be placed on his adulterous ways. I have heard many say that golf no longer needs Tiger’s services, but I think any true fan begs to differ. Golf has lost some of its luster with the “old” Tiger being absent. Partially, because the best player in the game isn’t playing as such, and partially due to the fact that no other player has stepped up to assume the role.

I am in NO WAY defending any of the actions of Tiger Woods, the man. I simply want to see the best from Tiger Woods, the golfer. I know we can’t make him stick with one bagger, one swing, one coach, or even one wife….but he has to realize one thing. In sports, WINNING BRINGS REDEMPTION.


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