"I....AM....NUMBA 1"

As the song “II” states:
“There’s a war within my body,
And it’s tearing me apart.
The ivory is cracked in
shattered pieces.
And I relied too much on my heart”

It was easy for me to look back on Week 10 and realize what I learned. There’s a war going on with my football intellect each week. There is the part of me that picks match-ups based off what I think each team’s strengths and weaknesses are. There is the other part of me that picks for or against a team based of how I feel about them personally. This week, I realized that these two sides don’t agree the majority of the time. For example, in order to salvage my head-to-head picks for the week, I needed Green Bay to win their Monday night game against Minnesota. My gut, my brain, and my football knowledge were all telling me to pick Green Bay, and so I did. But Monday night I found myself rooting for Minnesota, simply because I wanted to see the Packers lose. I would’ve lost my weekly picks, and gone under .500 for the week, but it was worth it.

I find myself in this predicament most weeks. There are certain teams (Packers, Patriots, Eagles, and Saints…just to name a few) that I would love to see lose EVERY week. But when it comes to picking against Rodgers, Brady, Vick, or Brees…..my brain tells my heart, “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!” I’ve gotten away with correctly picking some big “upsets” this year, but I also have been on the losing side of picking against the REAL SPORTS EXPERTS. Last week, I had several picks that were a “LOSE-LOSE” situation for me. I either LOSE by having a terrible record for that week, or I LOSE from choosing the right winner, but it being a team I personally wanted to see lose.

When making my picks, my brain told my hand to circle “PHILADELPHIA”. I picked Philly for obvious reasons, but everything in me wanted to see them continue to lose. I was happy with the outcome, but that’s “1” in the “L” column for me.
I actually picked the Saints to win this game, so it counts as a victory for the week, but everything in me wanted to see Atlanta pull it off. I am still scratching my head over that 4th down play in OT.
Everything in me wanted to see the Jets win. I picked them to win this game, which also means I was picking against Brady and Belichek. This game was definitely a lose-lose situation. The Patriots won, and I lost in my weekly standings. (but I knew better)
This was the last game of the week, and I had to look at it with a different perspective. I needed this win to not only save my week, but also to keep from losing my head-to-head match-up. I picked Green Bay to win. So it was a win-win situation in my opinion. Either the Packers win, and my week is saved, OR the Packers lose, and me and every non-Green Bay fan are happy.

So going forward, if I want to make intelligent picks, I need my MIND and my HEART to agree on a matchup. I figure, as long as my mouth doesn’t get into the conversation, and start talking to the two, no one will admit me into an insane asylum.

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