One of the most interesting things we do as sports fans and sports media is create UNOFFICIAL titles. Recently, we’ve seen a list of the NBA’s “Top 500 Players”, and numbers 1-7 sparked more debate than it did agreement. We’ve seen lists of the NFL’s “Best QB’s”….that seems to change every 2 seasons. I don’t even have to mention the silliness of the BCS Rankings. In boxing, each fighter is ranked on a list within their respected weight division. Given that each division has 147 belts to be held (exaggeration), and the #1 and #2 fighters in the division NEVER seem to face one another, this list serves more as a tool for debate as well. This has never been more evident than with Boxing’s P4P Rankings. As fans, we sit around and argue over this list as if they ever really mean anything. It’s someone’s OPINION. So, with all that said, here is MY COUCH SPORTS EXPERT OPINION.

As much as we hate the BCS Rankings, sometimes they actually get it right. Let’s say team “A” is ranked #1, and team “B” is ranked #2. (that means “C” is ranked #3, and so on….for the non-geniuses) The #2 and #3 teams face one another, and #2 completely dominates the matchup, and wins by 40 points. On the other hand, the #1 ranked team faces #8, and wins by a field goal at the end, after a badly called penalty. Who should be #1 on Monday morning when the rankings are made public?
This is the situation in boxing. Whether you want to admit it or not, the 8-hit combination, KNOCK-OUT machine that we have claimed Manny to be is no more. He hasn’t KO’ed anyone, since Cotto in late 2009, and has arguably faced lesser competition since then. (Joshua Clottey, Antonio Margarito, Shane Mosley, and Juan M Marquez) Some have argued that he has taken it alittle easier on these guys because he genuinely likes them, I don’t think so, but all I can discuss is the results. We can easily say that Manny just has problems with Marquez’s STYLE, but that admission is still saying alot. Mayweather has simply not had “that guy” in his career. While he may be criticized for starting at his own pace, and not finishing opponents off the way he could, there just has not been “that guy” out there who has made him look vulnerable. “That guy” was supposed to be the bigger, stronger, Victor Ortiz, who was 10 years younger than Mayweather. Regardless of the contraversal end, we all saw where that fight was headed. There’s a reason why Ortiz resorted to head butting; he was being broken down, and declining mentally.
So, can we continue to reward one fighter, and deny the other? Even though Floyd has been very inactive over the past 3 years, in that time, he embarrassed Juan Manual Marquez (who the boxing experts had ranked at #2 on the P4P list), dominated Sugar Shane Mosley (ranked the #2 Welter Weight at the time), and just recently KO’ed the #2 ranked Welter Weight, and WBC Champion in Victor Ortiz.

I can go on and on, stating what we already know. My major point is that 3 months ago the majority of boxing experts agreed that these two should be listed as “1” and “1a” on any P4P list. If we start from that point, each fighter has had one chance to improve their position. So ask yourself the question: who faced the stiffer competition? Who was more impressive in victory? FLOYD “MONEY” MAYWEATHER. I will even go as far as to argue that even if Pacquiao’s next fight is another epic battle against Juan Manual Marquez, and he wins more decisively, the rankings shouldn’t change. Marquez would then be 39 years old, and still arguably not at his best form at Welter Weight. I can only imagine how ugly their third fight could’ve gotten for Pacquiao if it was fought at 140 pounds. And that’s the difference between the two. There is simply no fighter out there that you can say the same about when it comes to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

There is one way that all arguments between these two can be settled. Until then, Mayweather is the new “Pound 4 Pound” King.


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