GOBBLE, GOBBLE!!! Happy Turkey Day football fans! Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks for all the blessings in our lives, and spending quality time with family and friends. I have been relishing this day to be able to fully enjoy the “F” words.

I will especially enjoy this year, as we will get to meet new family members, as well as, be reunited with special ones.

For the past two weeks, I have been fantasizing about the first T-Day plates (plural) of food that I plan on piling up as high as possible.

This past Sunday we engaged in a Pre-Thanksgiving Turkey Bowl, that has left me completely sore from back to legs (I’m really getting old), and officially put me in a holiday mood. I miss the days when we played sandlot every day after school. This morning I wake up, ready to enjoy this day to the fullest. Even though we are at a campground, with no cable tv, and I probably won’t see the games, I’m hyped over the match-ups. Right about the time we are sitting down to eat, the Lions-Packers game will be in full throttle. My mouth is salivating over both the FOOD and the FOOTBALL. (not really over my FAMILY, because that would be disgusting)

Here are my Turkey Day Picks for Week 12:

My Pick: LIONS
(I picked these two to split this year. I don’t see Detroit winning in Green Bay, so I figure….Thanksgiving….in Detroit….Lions seem to have their offense back. If the Lions win, that would be the perfect dessert)

(Dallas seemingly got their swagger back once we all left them alone. Read “WHAT I THINK I LEARNED FROM THE NFL THIS WEEK: Week 11” Dallas is back toed for 1st place in the NFC EAST. If you look ay their schedule, as opposed to the Giant’s schedule, the Cowboys have complete control of their destiny. Losing to Miami, at home, would be a big let down. Also, I picked up Demarco Murray for my fantasy team, so I’m hoping he scores at least 3 TDs)

(this will be a good game. Two great teams, with alot on the line. Sure, a loss won’t knock either team out of the playoffs, but there’s something about that competitive spirit between brothers. San Fran has played better, more consistent football, but I have a feeling the Ravens are more desperate.

SEND ME YOUR PICKS by commenting below

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