If you call yourself a fan of BOXING, then you have to be intrigued by a possible matchup between the two biggest stars the sport has to offer. I have written several stories on Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, but never took the time to address a possible clash between the two. As more and more rumors surface about negotiations between the two sides, our hopes are boosted (again) I’ve heard many say over the past three years that they have grown tired of the games, excuses, and merry-go-round, but as soon as the possibility returns…..we’re all sucked back in. The new date for a possible matchup is May 5th of next year, and it has me thinking about one thing…..WHAT IF THE FIGHT DOESN’T HAPPEN, AGAIN?

If this fight passes by without coming into existence, Pacquiao fans will blame “Gayweather”, and Mayweather fans will blame “Pacroid”. The beautiful thing about having your own blog is that I can share my own opinion. I just plan on sharing mine with a little more decency and common sense.

If Mayweather-Pacquiao does not happen in May, you can blame….

1. A PROMOTER (not Promoter(S)….
Make no mistake about, Mayweather’s partnership with Golden Boy Promotions is strictly a business relationship. If you honestly think there’s any love between Mayweather and Oscar De La Hoya, then you must’ve missed the weeks leading up to, and the aftermath of the Ortiz-Mayweather fight. Golden Boy is in a WIN-WIN situation, regardless of the outcome of the matchup. If Mayweather wins, they can celebrate in the face of an even bigger foe, Bob Arum. But if Mayweather loses, the see the downfall of an arrogant, loud mouth.
Arum is keeping this fight from happening. He has EVERYTHING to lose. Manny is his “cash cow”. Three years ago, which Top Rank fighters were we celebrating? If Pacquiao loses this fight, Arum loses to Golden Boy, the media, and even worse, Floyd “Money” Mayweather. I don’t think he wants to risk that right now. Not while there’s other money to be made.

As they always say in boxing, “STYLES MAKE FIGHTS”. Let’s go over the facts. The boxing “experts” said Mayweather has problems with AGRESSIVE FIGHTERS before the Hatton fight. And then again before the Ortiz fight. They also said he has a problem with SOUTHPAWS. Yet, any example that they have to go by was several years, and weight classes ago. The truth is, we don’t know if there honestly is a style that he can’t handle. On the other hand, what style does Pacquiao struggle with? After November 11th, and two previous bouts, we know that Pacquiao struggles with Juan Manual Marquez. And what exactly is Marquez’s style? He is a SMART, FAST, COUNTER-PUNCHER. What just happens to be Floyd Mayweather’s style? He is the SMARTEST boxer that has ever put on gloves. He is a thinker, and defensive mastermind. He is arguably the FASTEST puncher in the sport. And he is the most ACCURATE COUNTER-PUNCHER to ever step into the ring. Not to mention that he has a 2 inch height advantage, and 5 inch reach advantage over Pacquiao. I believe after his third struggle with Marquez that ALL of Team Pac-Man realizes this, and have lost some of their nerve.

Let me explain. In boxing, the public holds more power than they will ever know. Anytime potential matchups are discussed the deciding factor is if it will sale to the public. In 2010, we finally saw Mayweather face a true Welter Weight in Shane Mosley, thanks to the fans demanding it. Therein lies the difference. Most Mayweather fans don’t give him any “free passes”. We know he hasn’t fought the most dangerous opponents, and we’re calling for it to happen. And the media has never lightened up on the criticisms of Money May. If we ever took the same aim at Manny, he would be held to a higher standard as well. For the past two years, we’ve done more to make excuses for him, rather than challenging him to look as great, against better competition. And he has enjoyed being boosted into the top spot by flocking fans. On November 11th that all changed. All it took was an arena full of fans that were dissatisfied with his victory, to take a toll on the then “Pound 4 Pound” King. The booing was so loud and persistent you could hardly hear Manny’s post-fight interview. In that moment, he looked like a man who had never experienced public scrutiny. But it was enough for Pacquiao to want a fourth fight with Marquez, and say “make the fight happen” to a possible Mayweather fight. The FAN reaction dictated Pacquiao’s response. If we as fans hold both parties to new expectations, we will get better results.

4. SOMETHING TO HIDE (don’t want to think about this one)
I don’t think it’s fair to accuse anyone of anything they have never been found guilty of….but WHAT IF? What if one of these fighters really is trying to protect his legacy from this fight. WHAT IF Mayweather doesn’t believe he can match the speed and aggressiveness? WHAT IF all this Olympic Style Drug Testing business is just a decoy, to keep an ongoing barrier between the fight? On the other hand, WHAT IF Manny is the one with something to hide? WHAT IF his refusal to do OSDT is an admission of guilt? WHAT IF the Marquez fight was the version of Pacquiao you get when PED’s aren’t involved, and that’s why he wasn’t as impressive? I don’t even want to elaborate on this one, because most casual, “fair-weather” boxing fans will place the majority of the blame in this category.

Regardless of where you decide to place the greatest blame, you have to hope that somehow, some way the two sides will continue to work out their differences and make the fight happen. I understand the business side of this potential fight, but I also don’t care how they get past it. At this point, I believe OSDT HAS TO HAPPEN, because it has been an issue for years, and could be used as an excuse for a Mayweather loss. If you love boxing, you don’t care if this fight happens in Vegas, the Philipines, or in the Home Decor section of Wal-Mart…..IT JUST HAS TO HAPPEN.

This is my last and only time that I will discuss the “WHAT IF” of this fight not happening, because I don’t even want to think about there never being a fight.


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