Christmas is a time of giving, sharing, and showing appreciation for our many blessings in life. This holiday season, NBA fans can be thankful that there will be a 2011 NBA season. I stayed positive about there being a season this year, but was starting to worry after back and forth arguments continued for months. But, like any good argument, once both sides kissed and made up, it was all forgotten, and both sides are “lovey-dovey” again. Now we can focus on the future. Due to the tardiness of a Collective Bargaining Agreement being signed, the 2011 season will now begin on Christmas day, and conclude as a 66-game season. We are so satisfied that “BASKETBALL ARMAGGEDON” was avoided, that we haven’t explored the full possibilities of this season. Obviously, with trade rumors swirling over top players like Dwight Howard and Chris Paul, any team’s fortunes could change overnight. But if all rosters remain the same, a shortened season could be “ripe for the picking” to some current teams. 2011-12 will be a “THROWBACK” season.

A throwback is defined as a sudden reminder of the past; something that is brought about to celebrate a past trend or style. A shortened season will be perfect for the “old men” of the league. Check out last season’s standings of some of the top NBA teams through 66 games, in order by their record.


If the season ended with 66 games, the playoff seeding and matchups would’ve looked completely different. Four of the teams with the best standings would be the teams that we call the “old men” of the league. Media outlets spent the last few seasons saying the Spurs, Celtics, Lakers, and Mavericks need to get younger and quicker. The numbers show that the greatest assets on these teams (Duncan, Ginobili, Parker, Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Bryant, Fisher, Gasol, Kidd, Terry, and Nowitzki) have seen their better, youthful days pass them by. But the above standings don’t lie. If last season would’ve been only 66 games, these teams would’ve went into the playoffs on top.

In my COUCH SPORTS EXPERT OPINION, the upcoming season could be a “THROWBACK” season for many of these players. A shortened season basically means that these same teams will be entering the playoffs, if eligible, with fresher legs, and less possibility of getting injured. The extra energy used in closing out the regular season would then be exerted in a playoff run. The Celtics have been attempting to use this strategy for the past 3 seasons (to my disapproval). They play the final months of the season with no regard to wins and losses. Their primary goal is to be healthy and rested come playoff time. The thought process is understandable, but agonizing if you are a Celtic’s fan. There should be no need to “pump the brakes” this season, since the 16 canceled games should equate to about an additional month of rest. Sure, the time off will help the other teams as well, but do you really think that being more rested will help LeBron, D-Wade, or KD35 run faster or jump higher? These guys are still young and energetic. None of their playoff collapses can be blamed on fatigue. But keep an eye on the Lakers this year. Last season may have some saying that they are too old to run with these younger “power houses” that are being formed, but the track meet just got shortened. Less wear and tear on Kobe’s legs, and less stress on Bynum’s knees could equate to big things for LA. Just as less wear and tear on KG’s knees and Ray Allen’s legs could mean the return of the “MEAN GREEN” defense, and bulls-eye shooting from the arch.

Mark my words, and prepare for a “THROWBACK” season. The masses will expect young, hungry teams like the Heat, Thunder, and Bulls to get over the hump and claim new hardware for their jewelry cases, but I’m putting my money on the OLD MEN.

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