There’s not really much to learn from a 13-3 week. Many of the games went as I expected, except for the 49ers game, which I’m sure was an UPSET to everyone. I gave my Buccaneers one last “benefit of the doubt”, and after watching them go from being up by 14 points, to being completely demolished, I am done hoping they can somewhat resemble a football team again. But, as the saying goes, “IF YOU’RE NOT GROWING, YOU’RE DYING”, so I have to pick through all the happenings of Week 14, and see how my knowledge about this season has advanced in any way.

What I learned from the NFL this week is that many of these teams bear the resemblance of “JEKYLL AND HYDE”. Look back over weeks 13 and14, and just imagine if your favorite team played that way ALL the time……

JEKYLL and HYDE # 1 – WASHINGTON REDSKINS: I watched in amazement this week as the Washington Redskins ALMOST outscored Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Just in case you missed the game, I repeat: I watched in amazement this week as the Washington Redskins ALMOST outscored Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The stat line may not show it, but the Redskins defense even had Brady making erratic throws at some points. Imagine if the ‘Skins could operate like this EVERY week. They would easily be controlling their division, and possibly the 2nd best team in the NFC.

JEKYLL and HYDE # 2 – ARIZONA CARDINALS: It’s crazy to think that a sub-.500 team, who has loses against the Redskins, Seahawks, and Vikings……is the same team who posted victories over the Eagles, Cowboys, and 49ers. HUH???!!!

JEKYLL and HYDE # 3 – MINNESOTA VIKINGS: For the 2nd consecutive week, this team as gone out on the field, without Adrian Peterson, and played spirited football. It makes no sense that they can’t do better with their best weapon on the field. Not to mention, their defense held the best WR (C. Johnson) in the league in check.

JEKYLL and HYDE # 4 – NEW YORK GIANTS: Just imagine if every week Eli Manning controlled his offense the way he did the last two weeks. In the games against Green Bay and Dallas, the scoring went back and forth, and each time, Manning went out with composure, and delivered. We didn’t see too many head-scratching plays. We didn’t see him on the sideline with a look of confusion. Possession after possession, he marched his team down the field, and his guys made plays for him. Again, imagine where they would be if he did that every game. (and I still say that Green Bay better pray this team doesn’t see them again, in the playoffs)

JEKYLL and HYDE # 5 – NEW YORK JETS: I remember watching the Jets’ Thursday Night game against Denver, and shaking my head in disappointment as they looked dazed and confused. Since that day, the Jets have picked up the tempo on both sides of the ball, and look very impressive. I’m not shocked, because they seem to do this every season. They seem to drag through the season, until it’s time to try to make the playoffs. Imagine if Sanchez, and their defense, played the way they have over the past few weeks.

JEKYLL and HYDE # 6 – SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: This team has been playing RIDICULOUS football lately. Marshawn Lynch is playing like a man possessed. Tavaris Jackson actually looks like a QB, and his wide receivers are making plays for him. Their defense is healthy and energized. It’s crazy to watch their last two games, against Philadelphia and St. Louis, and then see their losing record.

The true test for these teams is if they can play with the same heart next week. I’m sure some will…..but some won’t. But that’s also why they’re on a list titled “JEKYLL AND HYDE”.

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