The fight schedule for 2011 is almost wrapped up, and soon all the talk in boxing will turn to the possibility of a NEEDED mega fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. We can sit around and argue about why this fight has to happen, but we still risk the possibility of being left with the same emptiness as before. So, in order for me to feel like my energy is being used wisely, I’d rather look past that match-up and place focus on what we can hope for if that fight doesn’t happen.

To be honest, there are not many remaining battles that seem worthy for Pacquiao to take. It was reported earlier this year that Pacquiao plans to finish his career up in 2012, and consider the number of APPEALING opponents he has left, he may have no choice. This is my Couch Sports Expert opinion on 3 opponents Pac-Man should face…..if not Floyd Mayweather Jr. (in order by the least attractive to fans)

No one can deny the intrigue of this match-up. Marquez has made me a believer that no matter his age, he is going to foster new energy for a Pacquaio fight. There is definitely unfinished business between these two, but it needs to be settled later. Imagine both of these men deciding to fight one last match at the end of 2012, call the Pay-Per-View “UNFINISHED BUSINESS”, and then announcing retirement together afterwards. That would be classic. A fourth fight has to happen, but not now.

I don’t know if a fight between the two would end up any different than the first fight, but a rematch would sell. Cotto has done enough since their first match-up to convince fans that he would fare better. And he has definitely convinced himself, because it’s the fight he is calling for. He has definitely become more than an erratic, brawler. Apparently his trainers have taught him the importance of displaying some form of DEFENSE. He looks stronger, faster, and more accurate in his recent fights, and probably because he is not taking a beating.

Martinez has gone on record in saying that he is willing to drop down to 150 lbs in order to secure a mega fight with Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr. Honestly, in Pac-May falls through for May of 2013, both men will have to choose a tough, impressive substitute to keep the fans at bay. Martinez would definitely fit the bill. He is currently ranked #3 on the “Pound 4 Pound” list, and is a Champion still in his prime. He is naturally bigger and stronger than Pacquiao, and packs a mean punch. I am not saying he is a smart fight for Pacquiao, but again, if not Floyd, his first opponent of 2012 better be a great one. But rumor has it, Bob Arum has no plans on letting these two anywhere near one another.

Be sure to check out Part 2 of this argument, featuring opponent options for Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

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