This week has seemed like the calm before the storm. Maybe because there was no Monday Night Football game, and no Thursday Night game, it seems like our minds were given a rest from football for the first part of the week. I hope your stress level has gone back done to a healthy level, because the Playoffs are here! Based on the way the regular season played out and ended, there is no telling what could happen in the next few weeks. I don’t know what to expect from the match-ups this weekend. What I do know is that out of the 12 teams that have made it to the postseason, it would not be surprising to see any 10 (and a possible – spades term) of them in the Super Bowl. The 10 teams being the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, Detroit Lions, and Atlanta Falcons. The one “possible” that would shock me a little would be the Cincinnati Bengals. They are a good young team that plays tough defense. I would just be shocked to see them weed through the various offensive “arsenals” they will have to face in the AFC. The only team that would completely obliterate my football knowledge and thinking by getting into the Super Bowl would be the Denver Broncos. BUT…..I’m sure someone thought even less of the Seattle Seahawks’ chances last season.

It will be hard to hold any water to good or bad picks in this season’s playoffs. We finally get the feel like the best teams in the league actually did make it into the “dance” this year. So if all the right talent made it in…..and all the best teams will face off…..it only leaves one factor to consider: STYLES. Styles make match-ups. So whose style will win out?

 Here are my NFL Picks for Wild Card Weekend:



I picked Houston for this game, but I don’t feel too sure about it. If Matt Schaub was the starting quarterback in this game, I would have no problem with putting my money on the Texans. Instead, they will have to rely on rookie quarterback T.J. Yates to get the job done. Texans WR Andre Johnson returned to action last weekend, in their final regular season game, but has only played in 7 games this season. And, of course, there is always the very dangerous, Arian Foster to help shoulder the load. On the opposite side of the field will be rookie quarterback Andy Dalton, attempting to lead his team to their first playoff victory in 21 seasons. In my introduction, I stated that I would be a little shocked if the Bengals made it all the way into the Super Bowl, but they drew the right 1st round match-up to get the ball rolling in the right direction.




This is another pick that I am just not too sure about. The danger behind the Saints will always be their dynamic offense, but they are facing a team who is just as dangerous. So is it possible this game will come down to whose defense is capable of making a game-changing play at the right time? Greg William’s (Saints) defense has always been an opportunistic bunch, but has also declined in the turnover category heavily this season. The Lions’ defense has shown a great deal of immaturity when placed in high-pressure situations. I think ultimately it will come down to EXPERIENCE. The Lions are excited about just making it into the playoffs, and probably count the season as a huge success. The Saints, on the other hand, have made it to this point before, and will not be satisfied with anything less than a Super Bowl ring.




I don’t think I need to start this synopsis off by stating how hard it was for me to make this pick. It was. The Falcons have at times looked like the most dangerous offense in the NFL, and the Giants defense definitely isn’t what it used to be. On the other hand, Eli Manning has his offense clicking on all cylinders, and is playing mistake-free football. I picked the Giants for one reason alone. Back in Week 13, when New York suffered a 3-point loss to the then defeated Packers, I stated that the loss seemed to bare the same resemblance as their Super Bowl year. I also guaranteed anyone that would listen that WHEN, not if, those two teams met in the playoffs, the outcome would be different. For that to happen, the Giants would have to win this game, which would put them facing Green Bay next week.




I understand it’s the NFL, and any given Sunday a team find lightning in a bottle and perform above their natural ability. I just don’t expect it in this game. Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is a likeable guy, and a great story of perseverance. But I also think that John Elway and Coach John Fox inserted him into a starting role at the perfect time in his young career. The team was on a downward spiral, and looked to be already done for the season. I believe they looked at their schedule and saw a list of mediocre teams that were just as shaky as they were. Hence the fact that out of the 6 teams they beat during their win streak, 0 of them are in the playoffs. The Steelers are a completely different “monster”. They are the model of defensive discipline, and pack a pretty tough offense as well. I believe this game is going to get ugly for Tebow. At least the Denver Broncos organization can be proud of the fact that they are hosting their first playoff game in years.

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  1. foultalk says:

    Great post – Completely agree with you for this weekend. Check out the rest of my picks for the playoffs here: http://foultalk.wordpress.com/

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