Through this entire season, after all the weekend games are completed, I’ve sat down, and figured out what I learned from the National Football League. After going 4-0 this past weekend, on some of the most difficult match-ups to predict (on paper), I will admit that I am feeling a little cocky. In every football conversation that I have been involved in over the past few weeks, I have been told several times that I was “cookoo” for my opinion. Strangely, none of those people text or called me after the games. (nor did they show up to church) So, without too much pre-fluff, I will alter my title for this week…..


Winner: 49ERS 36-32
This was the best game that I have witnessed in years; back a forth action, hard-hitting defense, and a final 4:32 minutes of game tape that should be placed inside the Hall of Fame. This game could’ve gone to either team, but ended the way I expected. The Saints have been mediocre on the road all season, but you still don’t expect any team to be able to shut them out. I knew they would make it a challenge, but also start slower than usual. That played right into the 49ers’ hands. On the other side of the ball, we have been doubting quarterback Alex Smith, and tight end Vernon Davis all year, but why? Because their last coach said he couldn’t win with these guys. Now, their new coach is doing just fine winning with these guys.

Winner: PATRIOTS 45-10
I knew this game would be a blow-out for many reasons, but before I get into my reasoning, I want to give credit where credit is due. I have been picking against Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow all season. I haven’t liked him as a player since his Florida Gator days, and I personally don’t like his style of football. BUT I must say, in a career path full of knuckleheads, and grown men who act like spoiled brats, he has been a light of spirituality and integrity. He lead his team to so big wins this year, but those wins have come against teams who are mediocre on offense. The Patriots are a team that can score quickly and often on offense, and there was no way that the Broncos could match their intensity on offense, when they are a running team 90% of the time.

Winner: RAVENS 20-13
Texans runningback Arian Foster did what he always does. This man is a beast! I picked the Ravens, because I felt that they were the most complete team in the AFC. They definitely did not play like it, but this game still came down to one major match-up: a T.J. Yates led Texans offense versus a stout Ravens defense. Even though their offense gave them no help in the last part of the game, Baltimore’s defense stood strong, and created opportunity after opportunity for the game to be sealed. The defense also did their part to allow the Texans to stay in the game by dropping a few easy INT’s, that could’ve put this game out of reach.

Winner: GIANTS 37-20
Everyone said I was crazy for this pick, and I completely understood. The Packers are the defending Super Bowl Champions, and the best team (record wise) this season. In the last game of their season, the Packers showed that they can score 6 passing touchdowns and 45 offensive points, even with Aaron Rodgers sitting on the bench. Green Bay could have easily score 50 points in this game, and blown the Giants out by 30 points. With all that said, I still had no hesitation in picking the “G-Men” to win this game. Back in Week 13 when I witnessed the way the Giants played against the Packers, I was reminded of their 2007 season. The Giants were highly motivated and played spirited football from that point on. This season feels like déjà vu. The Giants need that key game each season to get them completely inspired. That loss in Week 13 served its purpose. I picked the Giants to eliminate the Packers from the playoffs back in Week 13, so now I’m not shocked by what transpired.


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