WOW! What a game! Before one single second of this game was played, I began to wonder what I would learn in the last week of the NFL season. I thought about both styles of team that were represented, and thought about that famous football principle: DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. The truth of the matter is that this saying will ALWAYS be true. If you have two teams that continuously score on offense, obviously, the first one to make a defensive stop will win. But I thought about the last few Super Bowl winners, and realized that these teams weren’t defensive juggernauts. (Packers, Saints, and the 2009 NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals) Each of these teams possessed OFFENSIVE arsenals, that made life easier for their defense. After viewing this game, I would like to challenge that old principle with WHAT I THINK I LEARNED this week.


If your team doesn’t have the tools to put points on the board, they will not win. This game was not a defensive battle. For the most part, both teams did a great job at protecting the ball. New England ended the 1st half with a TD drive. Discredit to the Giants defense. At the beginning of the 2nd half, Brady completes every pass in their possession, and finishes the drive with a TD. Discredit to the Giants defense. Also, we sometimes give defenses more credit for stopping drives than they deserve. With New England up by 2 points, 4:01 left on the clock, and the Giants clinging to one timeout, Tom Brady missed a wide open Wes Welker, that would’ve most likely sealed the game. No credit to the Giants defense. In the last two drives, Brady’s receivers dropped several open catches that may have altered the outcome of this game. No credit to the Giants defense. What won this game was the Giants offense. Play after play, Eli Manning kept his composure and delivered the ball. Play after play, guys who have never been under this level of pressure, made plays for him. The New York Giants out scored the New England Patriots.
Congratulations to the 2011-12 Super Bowl Champions, the NEW YORK “FOOTBALL” GIANTS!


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