Even though his expertise is in a completely different sport, and he is a legend, one of my least favorite sports figures is John Madden. I remember when he was co-hosting Monday Night Football, and how he would literally switch his praise of a team in a matter of seconds. He would flip-flop his opinion more than a politician, and ultimately, he would always be RIGHT in the end.

I am nothing like a John Madden. I have no problem with admitting that my opinion was completely wrong. I’ve had to eat my words before, and I’m sure I’ll have to again. This post will serve as one of those times.

Once all the Lock-out nonsense was over, and we learned that there would be a 66-game season, I published a piece called “THROWBACK SEASON“. In this post, I argued that a shortened season would be the perfect “medicine” for those aging NBA teams. I felt that this would be the year in which those veteran teams emerged back on top, and were able to outpace the “new kids on the block”, even if just for one more season. Being a Boston Celtics fan, I was really looking forward to seeing the veteran players with fresh, energized legs in the playoffs. I was wrong! I thought the 66-game was decided because the time missed had eaten up around 16 games in the schedule. I did not suspect that the NBA had plans to issue out a grueling schedule where teams would be playing 5-game stretches in a span of 7 nights! I realize now that even though some of the veteran teams are doing well this season, it is tailor-made for the younger teams in the league. Unsurprisingly, the teams leading the way in the league are the very young and talented Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. Shockingly, for the first time EVER, the “red-headed stepchild” in Los Angeles (Clippers) is leading the division behind their youth and talent. This season has shown to be the perfect “passing of the baton” from the KOBE-Era, to the new era of NBA All-Stars. This is NO LEAGUE FOR OLD MEN. By the end of this 2012 race, youth will play out, and be the final decider of who plays for the ultimate reward.

In my COUCH SPORTS EXPERT opinion, we will be watching the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder playing for the NBA Championship. Both teams are extremely talented, well-rounded, and most importantly, YOUNG.


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