As I go through each NBA team, I am starting to realize that I have to decide how I want to rank the top 10 teams. With college basketball, it’s really not about who is best team. It’s more about going out there and performing, day in, and day out. If you lose, you fall. If you win, you rise. PERIOD. I say that, because I think too many times we look at a team’s poor performance, and give them a “free pass”, because they are considered a better team than a team with a better record. I’ve decided that my rankings will be based on PERFORMANCE. I don’t care who has already been crowned the 2012 Champion in the public opinion. Last season, many “experts” gave the crown to several teams, other than the Dallas Mavericks, simply because their roster was supposed to be better. In my Couch Sports Expert opinion, if you’re the BEST…..ACT LIKE IT. (Click here to view my previous week’s rankings)

So here are my COUCH SPORTS EXPERT TOP 10 RANKINGS: Week 3/4/12:


2012 NBA Power Rankings





29-8 (+2) Last Week: 3 I love and respect everything about this team. They way they compete…the way they handle adversity…the way they WIN. Kevin Durant is quietly becoming the best player in the league. (yeah, I said it!)


28-9 (-1) Last Week: 1 As has been mentioned several times in the past 2 weeks….LeBron James is the most electrifying player in the league for the first 58 minutes of every game. But that last 2 is the killer


31-8 (-1) Last Week: 2 Derrick Rose has the talent to carry this team a long way. The problem will come when a playoff match-up devotes all of their attention to him. Who will step up and carry Chicago then?
4 25-12 (–) Last Week: 4 Veteran point guard Tony Parker has placed this team on his back and is playing like a young player in his prime.
5 22-13 (–) Last Week: 5 Does Kobe and the Lakers still believe that there is no rivalry in L.A.?
6 23-12 (+5) Last Week: (UR) Look who’s coming to dinner! Young, strong, and playing good basketball.
7 23-14 (+1) Last Week: 8 After all the trade rumors, the same core team is still intact, and taking care of business. After Kobe’s comments on not having a “rival”, he goes out and proves it by embarrassing 2 of his closest challengers on the same night. (Miami)
8 22-15  (-3) Last Week: 5 Dirk can win you 40 games by himself. Their problem is the other pool of players that are relied upon to help him win the rest.
9 25-14 (–) Last Week: 9 Dwight Howard is an automatic double-double. He is one of those guys who can single-handedly win you a minimum of 30 games a season. But what support are they putting around him?
10 22-16 (-4) Last Week: 6 I know it seems crazy ranking a Division leader as the 10th best team in the league, but look at the quality of teams that are playing in that division.
  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    I dont think the 76er’s should be any higher. It depends on who they are matched against in the playoffs though.

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