There ain’t no party, like an ACC party! Today marks the start of the greatest conference tournament in college basketball; the ACC tournament. The regular season has presented enough drama to give several of these teams a good shot at winning the entire ordeal. It all depends on which version of these teams actually shows up in Atlanta on Thursday. Will we see the North Carolina team who easily handled Duke in Cameron Indoor, or the team that suffered its worse loss in years this season? Will we see the Duke Blue Devils who dissolved a 14-pt deficit to their rival Tar Heels, or the unit that was practically ran out of their own stadium, by the same team, a month later? Will we see the Florida State Seminole team who defeated both of the before mentioned teams on back-to-back occasions earlier this season?

That is the beauty of the Atlantic Coast Conference. I personally have argued for years that if you were to spread these teams throughout the entire NCAA ranks, at least 9 of them would make it into the “Big Tourny” every year. Instead, we have a group of good-to-great teams who beat up on one another each year. Either way, it leads to a good showing…and more than likely, another great ACC tournament.

Here are my COUCH SPORTS EXPERT ACC Tournament Predictions:



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