The NBA took a back seat this week, and gave the sports spotlight to the collegiate athletics. The NCAA Men’s Basketball regular season concluded, as well as, the Conference tournaments. Because I was fully engaged in this more exciting option, I had to rely on various sports news highlights t keep me up to date with any NBA happenings. As I witnessed the excitement around the NCAA, especially Sunday night’s selection special, I saw something that was very USELESS to the college rankings, and USEFUL to my NBA rankings. After the Selection Committee had revealed their list of 68 teams who would have a shot at a National Championship, they began to discuss a list of their “FIRST 4 OUT”, which consisted of the first four teams to NOT make the tournament. I began thinking: if your team was on a list that basically said “YOU’RE THE FIRST GROUP TO NOT MAKE THE CUT”, do you really care? NO, you’re mad! So I found this list very useless. But for my week to week rankings, it can be very helpful. Over the past few weeks, I have had a new team enter my top 10, which means an old team is exciting. It would be helpful in showing how a new team could break through the “Top 10” if I stated the teams that were right on the brink of making it in. Thanks NCAA, but save those last 4 teams some heartache and humiliation.
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Here are my COUCH SPORTS EXPERT TOP 10 RANKINGS: Week 3/11/12:

2012 NBA Power Rankings


1   34-9 (+1) Last Week: 2 The “see-saw” rankings between MIA and OKC continues…but the Heat were the only team that won all of their match-ups last week.
2   32-9 (-1) Last Week: 1 The number one thing a team needs to learn before being considered an “ELITE” team is how not to play down to their competition. How they beat Dallas and Phoenix, and then lost to Cleveland is a head scratcher.
3   34-9 (–) Last Week: 3 You can argue that Chicago should be ranked above OKC, since their loss actually came against another ranked team.
4   26-13 (–) Last Week: 4 “STEADY” is the word for this team.
5   27-15 (+4) Last Week: 9 The trade deadline is quickly approaching and center Dwight Howard continues to carry his team on his massive shoulders. They better enjoy the ride while it lasts….or bring in some talent to keep him there.
6   25-16 (+1) Last Week: 7 Look who’s back as the division leader!
7   23-16 (-2) Last Week: 5 Are they now back in the “JEALOUS LITTLE BROTHER” role in L.A.?
8   25-17 (+2) Last Week: 10 This team’s rise is due more to the decline of the teams ahead of them. But hey, how can you hate on a team that continues to WIN?
9   23-16 (-3) Last Week: 6 Indy honestly should have been last on this list after losing all 4 of their match-ups this past week. I just didn’t feel right putting a new team to the list ahead of them, right now. They need to “right” a lot of “wrongs”.
10   24-16 (++) Last Week: UR I honestly think this team deserves to be a little higher, but as I previously stated, I have a problem with jumping them higher than a team that has been on my list every, single week.



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