I understand that Men’s College basketball has formed this brilliant idea to have an extra round to make room for 68 total teams, but in my mind, the NCAA Tournament officially starts TODAY.

This tournament remains, and until college football does something different, will always be the most exciting playoff system in sports. It may not be the most accurate (“best out of’s” give you a true champion), but definitely, MORE EXCITING.

As I breakdown this year’s bracket, I find myself making my picks too easily. I could assume that I am naive when it comes to some of the lower seeded teams this year, or that the Selection Committee actually got things right. For the first time, in all my years of enjoying the tournament, I actually believe the latter; THE SELECTION COMMITTEE ACTUALLY GOT THINGS RIGHT THIS YEAR. When I think of the “5-12 upset”, and “Cinderella” teams, it all seems scripted to me. Each year the Committee tries to create that possibility by ranking an undeserving team higher, and a deserving team lower. But this year, I think their efforts will fall short. My first 2 Rounds of the NCAA Tournament presents no real surprises. I could easily be wrong, but so will 95% of America. One thing’s for sure, I’m ready for “MARCH MADNESS”!


  1. […] You can feel my confidence level, and view my beginning bracket by clicking HERE. […]

  2. I definitely think FSU has a great shot. Beating Duke and UNC back-to-back, TWICE, this season has to give them crazy confidence

  3. I gambled against VCU (who everyone picked), Gonzaga (thinking WVU would somehow show up), and Iowa St (everyone told me that UConn was fragile this year)….and those are the games that burned me!

  4. Sean Breslin says:

    I hope you’re right about FSU making a run to at least the Sweet 16!

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