LEHIGH VS. DUKE: A David and Goliath Story

A few days ago, I looked over my NCAA basketball bracket, and I felt pretty confident in my picks. I took a few gambles against hot teams, and relied heavily on proven teams for the first two rounds.

You can feel my confidence level, and view my beginning bracket by clicking HERE.

In my mind, this year would be the year that the teams that were thought to be more “ELITE” would feen off the embarrassment of losing to a lesser team. I didn’t pick a “5-12” upset this year, and I definitely didn’t pick any #15 seeds to upset a #2 seed. I was wrong. One round of basketball has been played, and “MARCH MADNESS” has already lived up to its name. I had almost forgotten how depressing it is to pick a team to make it into the “Sweet 16”, and then that team loses in the First Round. (Duke, Missouri, Wichita St, Michigan) Even as I look over my EDITED bracket, I am scared of some of my original picks. Even some of the winning teams showed serious vulnerabilities against weaker teams. (Syracuse, Baylor, Vanderbilt, Florida State) And I realize that the toughest issue with this season is that there isn’t that one team that you can definitively say is an “ELITE” team. We have some good teams, and a few very good teams….which leaves for an open field of possibilities when you have young players playing every other day.

Even though I would love to go back and change some of my Second Round picks, I will  leave all previous picks intact, in the spirit of fairness.

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    I think the most telling thing about yesterday is that I lost a final four team (Missouri) and I don’t feel like I’m in that bad of shape.

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