Another crazy week has gone by in the National Basketball League, and while some of my top teams may have changed positions, I still have the same teams as my “Top 10”. We were able to see many of these teams face off against one another, which gave us a measurement on how strong, or deficient, certain teams are. For the third week in a row, there is a new team at the #1 spot. At least until Thursday comes around, we can focus on the NBA. And now that last Thursday’s trade deadline is out of the way, these teams can focus on just playing basketball.

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Here are my COUCH SPORTS EXPERT TOP 10 RANKINGS: Week 3/18/12:


2012 NBA Power Rankings



1(+2) Last Week: 3   BULLS37-10 3-1Wins: Knicks, Heat, 76ersLosses: Trailblazers Chicago was the most consistent team last week, only suffering 1 “L”, and defeating two Top 10 teams….without D-Rose in the lineup.
2(-1) Last Week: 1   HEAT33-11 2-2Wins: 76ers, MagicLosses: Bulls, Magic Miami had impressive wins over two Top 10 teams this week, but they also had key losses against two Top 10 teams. The series against the Magic was a wash, and they lost convincingly to a Derrick Rose-less Chicago team.
3(-1) Last Week: 2   THUNDER34-11  2-2Wins: Trailblazers, Nuggets

Losses: Rockets, Spurs

#3 and #4 can be easily argued. While OKC has the better record, they also lost to the Spurs. If this was college, the Spurs would be ranked higher
4(–) Last Week: 4   SPURS29-14  3-1Wins: Wizards, Magic, Thunder

Losses: Mavericks

(Read comments above)
5(+1) Last Week: 6   LAKERS28-17 3-1Wins: Grizzlies, Hornets, Timberwolves

Losses: Jazz

The Lakers faced weaker competition this week, and did exactly what good teams are supposed to do…WIN. Until they hit a brick wall against Utah on Sunday
6(-1) Last Week: 5   MAGIC29-17 2-2Wins: Heat, Nets

Losses: Heat, Spurs

Orlando had some key wins last week, but also two losses to Top 10 teams. I can’t punish them but so much. Plus, they had a huge victory this week with obtaining center Dwight Howard for another season.
7(–) Last Week: 7   CLIPPERS26-18  3-2

Wins: Rockets, Hawks, Pistons

Losses: Celtics, Suns

The Clips haven’t been the same without Chauncey Billups, but if you have been a fan for years, you can’t complain about PROGRESS
8(+1) Last Week: 9   PACERS25-17 2-2Wins: Trailblazers, 76ers

Losses: Knicks, Knicks

How can a team go 2-2 for the week and move up in the rankings you ask? Easily, when you beat another Top 10 team that is declining. And the Knicks can beat ANY team in the NBA when they are playing good basketball.
9(+1) Last Week: 10   GRIZZLIES25-18 1-2Wins: Wizards

Losses: Lakers, Raptors

It’s simple: they are moving up, because the 76ers are falling down
10(-2) Last Week: 8   76ERS25-20 0-3Wins: None

Losses: Pacers, Heat, Bulls

They played 3 teams ranked in the Top 10 this week….they lost to 3 teams ranked in the Top 10 this week


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