I purposely waited until the rumor-mill stopped swirling before I ventured to give my opinion on this topic. But now that we all know that it’s not just a speculation, and quarterback Peyton Manning has been introduced as the newest member of the Denver Broncos, I can ask: THE DENVER BRONCOS?! REALLY?!

            I have been trying to wrap my massive head around this decision from the moment I heard that Denver was one of the front-runners to obtain Manning. I mean no disrespect to the team, or to Broncos fans (your team went to, and won, a playoff game last season, unlike my Buccaneers), but, the BRONCOS? Really? When you look at the teams who were in serious contention for the QB, there definitely seemed to be more formidable options. In my opinion, Peyton is the greatest regular season QB to ever play the game. (I stress REGULAR SEASON, because I understand that greatness is also judged by playoff performances and CHAMPIONSHIPS) After multiple records at his position, multiple MVP Awards, two Super Bowl appearances, and a ring….I assume he wants to win right now. At age 35, and coming off a major injury, I don’t think he wants to be in a rebuilding situation.


For the reasons above, San Francisco made the most sense in my Couch Sports Expert head. This is a team that has a young, solid defense. They have multiple weapons on offense, and recently added even more. And they made it to the NFC Championship last season. If you add Manning to the mix, they would have to be your pre-season favorite to win it all. Plus, they are in a weak division, which Peyton is accustomed too.


            I placed both of these teams as my #2 pick on the list for the same reasons. Both teams would have given Manning the opportunity to play with electrifying receivers in Kenny Britt or Dwayne Bowe. More importantly, both teams offer an elite running back to compliment his passing arsenal. He has never really had a truly dangerous running attack, so I thought this would be attractive. And did I mention that he has always played in a weaker division?


            I placed Arizona and Miami together, because they too offer the same array of options: great wide receivers (Fitzgerald, Marshall before the trade) They both have untapped potential at the running back position. Reggie Bush and Beenie Wells are both good runners, but could you imagine if the defense had to worry about Peyton’s arm, and had to drop back in coverage? When these two teams were still in the discussion, there was also rumor that Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne would wait until Peyton’s landing spot and then follow suit. Again, could you imagine Manning throwing to Larry Fitzgerald and Reggie Wayne, or Brandon Marshall (again, before the Chicago trade) and Reggie Wayne?


            The only way I can fully justify his decision to go to the Broncos is by assuming that Manning is an absolute CONTROL FREAK. He must need to have control, and a predominant say, over any offense that he runs. What better choice out of the options that were given? In my opinion, John Fox has never been a good coach, he has just had good players around him. You have a young team that really has no offensive identity. Peyton can literally rewrite their playbook over the Summer, and everyone “in charge” would sit back and smile. In Denver, he still has a better option at the RB position than he has ever played with, and his line has to be decent to compliment the running game that was displayed last season. He has put himself in a position where he can be the only shining star in his city, which is also what he is accustomed too. Not to mention, let’s suppose Denver can also obtain a top tight end from Free Agency (Dallas Clark), who better to be around to show you how to win Championships with your TE as your leading receiver than John Elway.


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