I feel like the last three days have been the CALM BEFORE THE STORM. Round 2 (officially Round 3) of the NCAA Tournament served to correct much of the drama from Round 1. Teams which seemed to be destined for the “Cinderella” title, were given a reality check by higher ranked opponents. This last round I rode the “VCU” wave and believed the Georgetown hype, and both cost me in my picks. If I would’ve filled out a bracket from start to finish, I’m sure I would be in the 0.00005 percentile! And I still have to look forward to the fact that my Tarheels, who I picked to WIN IT ALL, may be playing without a true Point Guard from this point on. Get ready for the madness today!

Click on my Bracket below for a closer view.

  1. Ohio forces 17 turnovers a game, so UNC won’t have it easy. But I am glad that we are having to adjust without Marshall against a #13 seed, instead of someone who is supposed to be better. (still not sleeping on Ohio though)

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