If I could sum up my picks for this year in one word, that word would easily be “TERRIBLE”. Each round there seems to be a team that comes out and plays at a  completely different level than they did before. (But that’s what you expect teams to do, right?) Then, we witnessed the “Sweet 16” games over the past two days, and I am honestly left several questions to answer before I can make INTELLIGENT picks.

1. Was the UNC/Ohio game a sign of things to come if Kendall Marshall can’t suit-up against Kansas? And even if he does play, and clearly not at 100%, do the Tar Heels have a real shot?

2. After witnessing Kentucky’s performance last night, is there any team who can stop them?

3. Is Syracuse a really good team, that has been shorted credit, because they are without one of their stars? Can they continue to find ways to win games in spite of a roster shortage?

4. Is this the year that Louisville finally plays up to the Tournament potential we have been waiting to see?

I’ve struggled to answer these questions, but also got my heart and mind to agree enough to still make my Final 4 picks. Either way, over the next 2 days, there should be some phenomenal basketball played. GO HEELS!

DOUBLE-CLICK on my Bracket for a closer view!

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    My bracket looked almost identical to yours coming out of the Sweet 16, so I can definitely relate. I’m not in good shape.

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