I once heard a joke that AFTER JOHN CALIPARI’S PLAYERS GRADUATE AND GO TO THE NBA, THEY TAKE A PAY CUT. I still tell that joke anytime Kentucky comes up in any conversation, and I use it has fuel to stroke my “Calipari-hating” fire. While I have always had a great deal of respect for the University of Kentucky basketball program, I have never been a fan of their current leader. There have been several allegations against him…none proven. But we all know the power of public opinion, and it is difficult for me to believe that any coach could simply TALK up his program enough to out-recruit the likes of Roy Williams (UNC), Coach K (Duke), Coach Calhoun (UConn), Coach Baheim (Syracuse), Pitino (Louisville), and I can go on and on. Coaches who have lead teams to victory time and time again…legendary coaches. BUT….that’s just my opinion.

Regardless of my personal, irrelevant feelings, and any rumors about Coach Calipari, the KENTUCKY WILDCATS are the 2011-12 NCAA MEN’S BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS. We have seen countless times in sports where no matter how much talent you throw on a roster, championships have to be earned. It takes a special kind of leader to take a group of young, talented, egos, and make them more concerned with WINNING, than with PERSONAL ACCULADES. Kentucky has at least seven players who could, and would, be a starter on any other team in the country. Calipari somehow convinced these guys to join the same roster in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Monday night, that goal became an accomplishment, forever etched in sports history. The Wildcats were the best team in the league for the entire year, and were definitely the strongest team in the Tournament. We all have to GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. While I am sure many of these players will be “1 and done”, if the past two years are any indication of the kind of talent that will flock to UK, they may be winning multiple championships for years to come. This “CREDIT DUE” post may have many parts to follow. Congratulations Kentucky.


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