For most teams, there are 2 games remaining in the 2011-12 NBA season. With that said, this will be my last post ranking the regular season performances of these teams. Next stop…the PLAYOFFS. This was another drama-filled week, especially Sunday. The recent performances of many of these teams will have resounding effects going into the playoffs. AIt’s been a fun ride so far, and it’s not quite over yet. As of today, not one single playoff match-up is set in stone. That should be enough to have us all salivating over this upcoming week.

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Here are my COUCH SPORTS EXPERT TOP 10 RANKINGS: Week 4/22/12:

2012 NBA Power Rankings


1(+2) Last Week: 3 SPURS47-16 5-0 Wins: Warriors, Lakers, Kings, Lakers, CavaliersLosses: N/A This team has earned my complete respect. They may be the LEAST FLAWED team in the league
2(+2) Last Week: 4 HEAT46-18 4-1Wins: Nets, Raptors, Bulls, Rockets

Losses: Wizards

Miami had a strong week and didn’t even go in with their 1-2 PUNCH in most games. One punch (either James or Wade) was good enough for each game
3(-2) Last Week: 1 BULLS48-16 2-2Wins: Bobcats, Mavericks

Losses: Wizards, Heat

It’s hard to criticize Chicago when they are playing their games without one of the most dynamic players (D. Rose) in the league
4(-2) Last Week: 2 THUNDER46-18 2-2    Wins: Suns, KingsLosses: Clippers, Lakers Lost big games this week to teams that they could see later in the Playoffs.
5(+1) Last Week: 6 PACERS41-23 3-1Wins: T’Wolves, 76ers, Backs

Losses: 76ers

While the entire league is paying attention to the teams that we consider the “Elite’s”, Indiana stays the course, and keeps winning
6(-1) Last Week: 5 LAKERS41-24 2-2Wins: Warriors, Thunder

Losses: Spurs, Spurs

This team suffers from SCHIZOPHRENIA. Down by 18. Great comeback against OKC. Blown out by Spurs. Bush-league play. They need their own reality show
7(–) Last Week: 7 CLIPPERS40-24 3-1Wins: Thunder, Nuggets, Hornets

Losses: Suns

Good week. The Clippers when against teams they should…they look exciting (with dunks, and alley-oops)…but they don’t look impressive
8(+1) Last Week: 9 GRIZZLIES39-25 4-0  Wins: T’Wolves, Hornets, Bobcats, Blazers

Losses: N/A

Young and strong
9(+1) Last Week: 10 HAWKS38-26 3-1 Wins: Raptors, Pistons, Celtics

Losses: Knicks

Had a big win against their potential 1st Round foe in this year’s playoffs
10(-2) Last Week: 8 CELTICS37-27 1-2 Wins: Magic

Losses: Knicks, Hawks

Luckily for them, there were not too many teams below them who had a good week



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