John MADDEN NFL Football is probably the most popular sports game selling today. I personally am not a huge fan, but I find myself able to get addicted to it about every three years. I am currently locked into a Franchise Mode that has me in my 7th season, and it has taught me one thing: I WOULD MAKE A TERRIBLE NFL GENERAL MANAGER! Each season, the first thing I do is trade all of my draft picks away for proven players. While it has worked out well for me, I also know that this would be a terrible move for a real GM to make. You have to replenish your team, and have guys that you develop and grow within your organization. My problem with the Draft is that teams put their entire future in the hands of someone who has never played on the PROFESSIONAL level. Even more, there have been more BUSTS at the professional level than there have been success stories. (from guys who were considered top picks) Should teams still pick them? OF COURSE! But I think there’s something to be recognized about the top prospects who have time to come into the league and grow. The players who can take their time, learn, and get accustomed to playing at the higher level, seem to reach their highest potential much quicker than those who are immediately “thrown to the fire”. There have been several college stars who have completely disappeared under the bright lights of the National Football League.
Tonight, we get to see which teams will place their entire future in the hands of someone who is, in a way, unproven. Of course, if your team was the wort in the league last year, you completely disagree with me, but we will see. Enjoy tonight….ON WITH THE DRAFT.

What do you think? Send me your comments below…..


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