I have no intentions on posting after each set of NBA games are played, but after what we witnessed in the opening games yesterday, I have no choice. On a scale of 1-10 (a 10 meaning “EXTREMELY EXCITED”) my excitement level over the start of the Playoffs was rated at about a “6”. Not that this season hasn’t been intriguing, but we all usually have set in our mind how the first full round of playoff games will play out. The true excitement usually starts in the second or third round. Now that Saturday’s games are complete, I can reevaluate my excitement level at an “11”. None of the games went anywhere near the way I expected. Don’t get me wrong, I went 3-1 on the four games played, but I am still in SHOCK, and AWE, and DISGUST from what we just witnessed.

SHOCK and DISGUST. I picked Chicago to win this series easily. I felt that Philadelphia was a great draw to give PG Derrick Rose time to get his body back in Playoff shape, after fighting with numerous injuries during the season. This game was well in hand, when “IT” happened. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of the Bulls or not, you have to be saddened by the elimination of a player like Rose from the playoffs. My stomach literally buckled when I witnessed his knee buckle, and when the final verdict was given.

SHOCK and AWE and DISGUST. I picked the Heat to win this series. I picked the series to go 6 games, but I was told I was crazy. Most picked a 5 game series, at the most. Many said the Heat would use this first series as a statement series. I thought the Knicks could get their guys playing to their full potential and add some drama to this matchup. I didn’t expect to tune in to an absolute blowout. This game looked like the #1 vs #16 matchup in the First Round of the NCAA Tournament. I am having a hard time believing that the Knicks even tried to win this game. That would be giving them too much credit for what we just witnessed.

DISGUST. This was the series that I was the least interested in watching…until I turned on the tv and saw Orlando WINNING. I counted this team out as soon as it was announced that All Star center Dwight Howard was out for the season. From the look of it, Indiana thought the same thing. The Pacers have been on a roll through the end of the regular season, but as I stated before, the test of any great team is learning how to win when you are EXPECTED to.

AWE. I picked OKC to come out of the Western Conference, but I didn’t really assess the task at hand. They aren’t just facing any old #7 seed. They are facing the defending Champions. While the Thunder have multiple threats on offense, Dallas already proved last season that they can meet that challenge. I watched this game in AWE of how the Mavericks handled themselves, and were within seconds of stealing game 1 on the road. I am also in AWE of how composed and disciplined this young Thunder team became in the last 90 seconds of the game. This is going to be a good, hard fought series.

If today’s games bring anywhere near the excitement level as Saturday’s, this may go down as one of the best roads to the NBA title in history. I wonder which may hips will make my SHOCK, AWE, and DISGUST listings today?

How did you like yesterday’s games. Send me your comments below.

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  2. Chris Ross says:

    Completely agree with your assessment of Magic vs. Pacers series because I was kinda astounded by the Magic and the way they came out against the Pacers. I kept waiting for the Pacers to turn it on and take over the game but they never did. It’s surprising that the Magic were able to pull out a win without shooting the lights out. They normally need to shoot well to win anyways but without Howard it’s that much more impressive. It is going to be very interesting to see where this series goes because the Pacers were pegged to possibly slip their way past the 2nd round by some. Who knows if they even get by the 1st now. Also, you think you could take a look at my latest blog article cuz I’d love to hear your thoughts on mine http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2012/04/29/stan-should-still-be-the-man/

  3. big al says:

    You obviously didn’t watch the entire knick game. They came to play but the refs had other intentions three of our five guys had three fouls before the half! Anytime lebron got the ball and we we’re near him they called a foul. Evidenced on the fact that he had more free throws than we had points in the first half. They called offensive fouls every time we got in the paint and technical fouls like we we’re Ron arrest. It was obvious at that point that the refs were not gonna allow the heat to lose at home. The second half we had to play timid with all the fouls we had. Of course we lost we were playing against two teams. Im convinced that if this keeps up the heat will win it all excuse me I meant the heat and the refs.

    • I watched the game, and I completely agree with you. But I’ve also been watching LeBron for years and this team for the past two seasons. If we know that the calls would go a certain way, the Knicks should’ve known and have to TRY to take the games out of the refs hands. But I understand your anger.

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