Once again, on a day when I had no intentions to write about the NBA, I am forced to comment on what I witnessed. Saturday’s games brought an immediate excitement to the 2012 NBA Playoffs that we have never witnessed in seasons past. Four more series started on Sunday, and through the first three games, there was nothing really surprising to me. I expected the Spurs to easily handle a young, inexperienced Jazz team. I expected the Lakers to be too big and talented for a speedy Nuggets team. I expected the Atlanta-Boston series to be a good one, but also recognized that Boston’s old legs and thin roster would be a factor. I even thought the Memphis-Clippers game was going as expected from the point where I tuned out. So I had no intentions on writing anything. But my Monday morning discovery has given me new material, and thus, we have Part 2 of my “NBA PLAYOFFS…SHOCK, AWE, and DISGUST” series.



DISGUST. As I stated before, the game went as I expected. Boston no longer has the legs to sustain a Championship level of play. With sharp-shooter Ray Allen on the bench, in a suit, they have even less fire power and depth on their roster. I’m DISGUSTED at the acts of point guard Rajon Rondo. In a playoff game, which the two teams were separated by 3 points at the time, he completely lost his cool, and got himself booted out of the game. His actions could possibly have a deadly ripple-effect on Boston’s playoff hopes. They could be playing Game 2 without Rondo or Allen, which would give them a great chance of being in a 0-2 hole. He may not have been in this league as long as some of his future Hall-of-Fame teammates, but he has been around long enough to know better.



SHOCK, AWE, and DISGUST. This game was going in the direction that I believed it would for the most part. After witnessing Memphis’ playoff run last year, I assumed they would be a tough out. I didn’t think they would be leading by as much as 28 points, but I expected them to win at home. So, I used the rest of my night to catch up on some other shows. That’s right, I had checked out of this game. Trust me, EVERYONE who wanted to see the Clippers win, or who isn’t a fan of either team, checked out once the lead was up to 28. Sure, some people will try to tell you that they stayed up and witnessed the entire comeback, but THEY ARE LYING. They tuned out, or fell asleep, just like I did. When I woke up this morning to my annoying IPhone alarm, I decided to see just how bad L.A.’s defeat was. When my browser refreshed, and the final score read 99-98, I was in SHOCK. When I watched the highlights of how it happened, I was in AWE. And when I thought about a team losing a late 28 point lead, at home, in a playoff game, I was DISGUSTED! After the heart and determination they showed last season, this team is expected to be better than this.

What did you think of yesterday’s games? Send me your comments below.

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    What an incredible comeback last night by the Clippers…I was shocked and turned it back to the game just in time to see the finish!

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