Someone once said “STRIKE THE IRON WHILE IT’S HOT”. In both Parts 1 & 2 of this series, I told myself that I wouldn’t get trapped into day-to-day Playoff commentary, but every night there seems to be a headline that goes far beyond winning and losing. Again, I went 3-0 in last night’s games, so I can’t pretend like any of the outcomes were surprising, even though I will admit that I think each game of the Oklahoma City-Dallas series will be a toss-up. But there was one game that fit right into my reasoning for starting this series.

DISGUST. I placed so much hop in this series, when I considered the team New York COULD BE. Obviously, the Knicks have not played up to that potential. Monday’s loss was nowhere near the beating they took on Saturday, but was far more painful, due to some bone-headed antics after the game. Veteran power forward Amare Stoudamire, in a fit of rage over another playoff loss, decided to take his anger out on a fire extinguisher encasement. His actions caused injuries to his hand, required stitches, and possibly will cost him at least one game to recover during the playoffs. How DUMB can you actually be???!!! The Knicks will already have to play great basketball to even make this a series, and now they could be losing one of their strongest assets. I completely understand that you have to play this game with emotion. If you don’t play with emotion….you’re going to lose anyway. But I’d rather see that emotion come out on the court, not after the game, off the court. If you are going to miss 1-3 games anyway, throw that punch at LeBron or D-Wade and try to alter the game, or set a fire under your team. (I’m just kidding about that last part….I think)

How do you think this Heat-Knicks series will end? Send me your comments below.


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