This Saturday’s fight for the Junior Middleweight Championship between Miguel Cotto and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be a spectacle that the Boxing world has been waiting on for years. Some say this fight is coming about five years too late, but I think this is the perfect timing. Five years ago, this fight would’ve definitely happened at the Welter weight limit, and back then Cotto was simply a brawler. Floyd would’ve won that fight easily, in my opinion. But the fight is now, and both men are still in great condition, with no outward excuses for a complete let-down on Saturday night. So, on to the real question about Saturday: WHAT WILL THE OUTCOME OF THE FIGHT MEAN FOR BOTH MAYWEATHER AND COTTO?


COTTO. Victory for Cotto would be the ultimate story of vendication. A warrior like Cotto, who suffered his worse defeat in a match that many believed to be tainted. His most recent victory was payback for that loss. And then to turn around and defeat the undefeated “Bad Boy” of the sport. You would have to place Cotto in a class with the greats of the sport. Think about it, he has faced Margarito twice, Mosley, Pacquiao, and Mayweather. He is the definition of a warrior who takes on all comers. Defeating Mayweather would be not only the “icing”, but another layer on the cake as well.

MAYWEATHER. Victory for “Money May” would mean another victory over a top fighter, which would boost him even further above his counterparts. A victory would showcase Floyd’s willingness to face an opponent while he is in a strong state of mind, coming off a big win, fighting at their comfortable weight. It would mean one less option for critics to throw out as a viable challenger to the P4P King. He has to be considered the best of this era of fighters, if not even for eras before.


COTTO. What would a loss to Floyd Mayweather mean for Miguel Cotto? His championship belt, and that’s it. Barring a devastating knock out, which is unlikely against Floyd, Cotto has nothing to else to lose. He is facing the gold standard in boxing, which is more than can be said for another fighter who we won’t mention. Losing comes a little easier to swallow, in the public opinion, when you are expected to lose. There’s still no arguing with the resume’ of fighters he has faced.

MAYWEATHER. What would a lose by Floyd mean this Saturday? I don’t know. It’s interesting, because Floyd’s critics always say that “0” in his record means nothing, and it’s more important that he faces risky, quality opponents. Well, I consider moving up to the dangerous Cotto’s weight class is risky, especially when he probably could’ve gotten away with making Cotto drop weight. It would be interesting, because I actually think those same critics would create shrines around May 5, 2012 if Floyd were to lose. Because of what he’s done in the sport and up to this point in his career, a loss would put a huge dent in that seemingly invinceable armor. Floyd talks a lot about facing adversity and boxing being a dangerous sport, but he has never really faced ADVERSITY or DANGER in the ring. It would be interesting to see if he would be able to pull hisself up off the mat if knocked down. Or if he could have a strong, successful career after a defeat.

Regardless of the outcome, Saturday will provide an answer to my question, and give us a million story lines to run with. I don’t know where I will witness it, but I expect a phenomenal fight. What do you expect to see in the match-up between these two?


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