Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. won what is being labeled as the “Super Welterweight” title from Miguel Cotto on Saturday night in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand. Floyd gained the weight to challenge the former Champion for his title, and had to earn every bit of his metal. This fight was no “cake walk” for the flamboyant Mayweather. I have never witnessed him look so vulnerable and out of sync. All credit should be given to Cotto for being the first real challenger to put a dent in Mayweather’s armor in years. While the judges granted Mayweather 8 or 9 Rounds to Cotto’s 3 or 4, I saw about 6 rounds that should’ve either been given to Cotto, or could’ve gone either way. One thing for sure, I have never witnessed Floyd’s corner having to stop his nose from bleeding, or compress swelling on his face. Nor have I ever seen Floyd bleeding the way he was from solid contact. Regardless of all the newness of this match, the outcome remains the same. Another victory over a opponent who is on a “high” in his career. Another notch to that unblemished record. But Floyd won in more ways than one tonight. Floyd won in his boxing match, and he succeeded in the world of sports entertainment. He succeeded in the game of LIFE.

First and foremost, I was wondering if Floyd would even do an interview with ringside commentator Larry Merchant. When Merchant announced that Floyd had reached out and offered an apology the day before, I was speechless. He reiterated that he was wrong in his previous actions toward Merchant in a later interview. During his post fight interview, he said the things that every boxing fan wants to hear; “Bring on the PACQUIAO fight!” Then, once the interviews were complete, Floyd returned to praise the other ringside experts (Lampley and Steward), and gave Cotto more praise and respect than he has given his last five opponents all together. I honestly think fans were absolutely stunned by the open, unselfish sentiments that were coming out of his mouth. Mayweather seemed GENUINE and HUMBLE, which is a modern day miracle in itself. I sat there wondering if these were the effects of a looming jail sentence, or had Floyd finally realized that there are millions that can be made from being adored by fans also….not just playing the villain. He won in life by being a “bigger man” both in and out of the ring. Admitting fault, being humble, giving credit, and being transparent. Oh, and finally calling out Pacquiao, without beating around the bush, was a nice little icing on the cake as well.

I’m sure many negative spins will be placed on last night’s events, but I want to be one of the first to say that everything that took place was good for boxing, and great for the changes that Mayweather has needed to make. He faces several opponents every time he steps in the ring. This time, he did well with gaining several victories.


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