Last Saturday, on Cinco de Mayo, Floyd Mayweather Jr. added another win against a future boxing Hall-of-Famer to his impressive resume’. While his win over Miguel Cotto was not as dominant as his wins have been in the past, it still showcased Floyd’s grit, determination, and ability to weather, ride, and conquer any storm. Facing an upcoming jail sentence, going up in weight, and facing a dangerous, renewed opponent would’ve provided him the easiest excuse to come into this fight unfocused and careless. But it’s Floyd Mayweather, and we all know better.

I originally thought it was premature to begin thinking about his next steps, but considering his 3 month layoff come June 1st, I will explore his options now. Minus any kind of reduced time, Mayweather will be a free man until the end of August or early September. He seems to be sold on fighting at the end of 2012, which is a great thing for boxing fans. So, the real question is who should be Floyd’s opponent once he is free to return to the ring? After the Ortiz fight, I mapped out who I thought were Floyd’s 3 likeliest opponents, and Cotto was one of those. Instead of rehashing that argument, here is who I think Mayweather should fight next….and when.

That’s right. Think about it. There are those who believe that Cotto actually won Saturday’s bout against Money May. They blame money, favoritism, and “politics”, of course. So what better way to end the year than with a rematch to settle the score. Mayweather usually likes 5-6 months to promote and tour for a fight, but obviously, he won’t have that much time if he is released in September. The smartest, and probably most attractive opponent, other than Pacquiao, would be Miguel Cotto. “RING KINGS: Part 2”. Easy promotion, and based on what I saw Saturday, an easy sale. If a PR rep for the humble Cotto can get him to make a few gripes about not letting the judges save Mayweather in a rematch, the PPV dollars would quickly start rolling in.

This one is easy. I don’t think the Boxing world can hold off any longer for this fight! When critics would say that fans would soon draw tired of the back and forth, I thought the notion was foolish. I was wrong. I don’t even find myself talking about it as much. The fight needs to happen ASAP! The fight needed to happen YESTERDAY! It needed to happen LAST WEEK! It needed to happen LAST YEAR! I think you get my point. Mid 2013 would be perfect timing. Pacquiao has stated that he plans to retire from boxing after 2013. I personally think his very last fight should be a fourth and FINAL matchup against his nemesis Juan Manual Marquez. So, the fight preceding that fight should be the one that the entire world wants to see.


A year ago, I would’ve said SERGIO MARTINEZ should be in Floyd’s fight plan, but I don’t know if there is much reward to the risk. Plus, if Floyd mows through Cotto (again), and then Pacquiao, he won’t need too many names to add to his legacy to be considered one of the all-time “GREAT’s”. Alvarez is definitely being groomed as the next great thing in boxing. His fan following and clout is tremendous, and he hasn’t even faced a notable challenger yet. By late 2013, he would have two additional opportunities to build his base and be viewed as a valid challenger to Mayweather. (I would love to see Alvarez face Cotto in early 2013) The fight would probably be at 154 lbs., so while Floyd may still win, he won’t completely whip Alvarez. That may be the perfect fight for Floyd to finish his career on (not by losing), and to also pass the baton to Alvarez.

What do you think? Who should Floyd fight next?

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