I really thought I was done talking about Floyd Mayweather Jr, at least until we are closer to when he can fight again. Mayweather is scheduled to begin serving an 87-day jail sentence on June 1st. So I was hoping we had a few months before all the talk turned to a super fight with him and Pacquiao. I definitely expected us to be granted at least a month of freedom, since Manny Pacquiao has an upcoming fight on June 9th. But I was wrong, and I should’ve known better. After his unanimous decision over Miguel Cotto for the Junior Middleweight championship, Floyd stated that the only one holding up a fight between him and Manny Pacquiao was Top Rank promoter Bob Arum. Well, Arum is at it again.

Recent reports from Top Rank are that Manny Pacquiao has agreed to Olympic-style drug testing in order to secure a fight with Mayweather. While the boxing fan in me is completely elated at the thought of this statement being true, I also know that we have heard this song before. Arum seems to take the most opportune time to announce that his fighter (Pacquiao) is completely willing to accept all terms for a fight. We saw the same from Arum last year, once Floyd signed to fight Victor Ortiz. Once Floyd became focused on his NEXT opponent, Arum came out with these daily interviews where he claimed “all signs were clear” for the mega fight. Just to recap history….Floyd knocks out Ortiz, Arum grows silent, Pacquiao struggles against Marquez in their third fight (I felt Manny lost), Arum goes quiet, Floyd signs to fight Cotto, Arum starts talking, Manny signs to fight Bradley, Arum starts talking, Floyd defeats Cotto…but will be reporting to jail in a few weeks, Arum starts talking again. Did I miss anything? So it would be safe to say that they only time Arum is interested in making a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight happen, is when he knows it CAN’T happen. What is the point of having an interview stating that your fighter has agreed to the one thing keeping the fight from happening, when you know your fighter has an upcoming fight, and the other guy is going away for three months? It’s easy….PUBLICITY. No matter how obvious this game seems to me, there are those who will report with certainty that Pacquiao has fully agreed and Mayweather is now the hold up. I personally have to wonder why Manny always fully agrees to OSDT when they both are preoccupied, but never when they are at the negotiating table? We need to stop looking at this potential fight from the perspective as a one-sided fan, and instead as a BOXING FAN. What things are being said that actually makes sense? What things sound a little fishy? Do I think Mayweather is scred to fight? No. Do I think Pacquiao is scared to fight? No. Do I think Top Arum Promoter Bob Arum is scared of the risk of losing his “money-maker”, and some bragging rights to Mayweather and his competitor company Golden Boy Promotions? Definitely. And that’s what’s holding this fight up.

Do you think the fight will ever happen? Send me your comments below. Also, to check out a previous post I wrote addressing the issue of Arum standing in the way of the “MEGA FIGHT”, just click here.

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