Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs seems a lot like a Championship boxing match, where the underdog lunches an unexpected attack in the First Round. Now the audience has no idea what to expect coming out of a break. The playoffs started with so much shock, from the Rose injury, the #1 seeded Bulls early exit, the defending Champs being swept, and the Lakers being pushed to a Game 7. And then there were 8. Eight teams left…four match-ups. I honestly feel like this season’s playoffs may have given us so much excitement in the First Round, that this next act won’t hold the same weight. The games are set and today the final Conference Semi-final games will start. So what do I expect from this next set of games? What can possibly bring this round out of the shadows of the previous?

I have been a Celtics fan from the very second that future HOF Forward Kevin Garnett signed with the team. As much as I enjoy their success, it’s hard to get excited about the fact that one of these teams will be in the Eastern Conference Finals. The games will be very competitive, but this isn’t the same Celtics team from two seasons ago, and can you really see Philly running with Miami?

The Pacers did a good job making this game interesting for a while in Game 1, but I think that’s as good as it gets. Indiana Coach Frank Vogel was recently fined $15,000 for calling the Miami Heat team the “biggest floppers in the NBA”. I have seen coaches and players fined for criticizing basketball officials, but not other players. So I can only assume that Vogel was fined for saying something so obvious, that the rest of the league was offended by the comment. We all know they flop. I can barely stand to watch Dwayne Wade play basketball anymore, because he jerks his body around every time he misses a shot. And then they added Shane Battier, who has been flopping since his Duke days.

This is the series that will, in my opinion, continue to elevate the excitement from Round 1. The history between these two teams is well documented and seems like it has been ongoing for years. It’s actually only a few months old. We have veteran guard Derrick Fisher being traded away by the Lakers, and then signing on with OKC, and then, of course, the Metta World Peace ignorance against James Harden. This series could get interesting. I for one don’t believe that the Laker’s struggles against Denver were a true sign of their current form, as I documented in “True Lakers…Or Fakers”. I believe L.A. wanted to keep the young, athletic Thunder players inactive, as well as, give their best defender (World Peace) time to return to the court. Did the move help them, yes. They are a beter team with all of their weapons on the court. But after what we witnessed last night….But you have the team that has been the face of the Western Conference (and NBA to some extent) for the last 5 seasons, versus the team that has been viewed as the NEXT great NBA team. This will be a good series.

This series could get interesting. The Clippers have shown that they can weather the storm against tough opposition. The Spurs have shown why they were the overall top seed in this season’s playoffs. I’m just starting to believe that Clippers All star point guard Chris Paul is going to give us “WOW” moments every time he steps on the court. If both teams can find a way to expose the other’s weaknesses, this could be a phenomenal series.

Which series are you most interested in? Send me your comments below.


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