Remember when “Pound 4 Pound” King Floyd Mayweather Jr. first started making claims of trying to clean up the sport of Boxing? Many critics said it was a selfish move to preserve his record. Many said it was a way for Floyd to avoid the fight that every boxing fan wants to see. Given the recent discoveries in the sport, do you still believe that? Is it possible that MAYBE, just maybe…HE WAS RIGHT?

I can assure you, no professional, outside of the Pacquiao camp maybe, is looking at it in the same light now. Even though there is excitement in just about every division, the Welterweight division is the “crown jewel” of the sport. 90 percent of boxing coverage comes out of the Junior Welterweight, Welterweight, and Light Middleweight divisions. Which is easily explained by the fact that Mayweather, Pacquiao, Cotto, Marquez, and several Boxing Legends before them, all roamed in these divisions. While the former mentioned may be the heads of that machine, everything behind is in a jam now.

Recent drug tests have outted both Lamont Peterson and Andre Berto for banned substance abuse. Both separate acts have placed a hold on the path the division seemed to be taking. Junior Welterweight Amir Khan, who was supposed to be Peterson’s opponent, was attempting to put himself on a collision course with Mayweather. Now he is without an opponent, without his belt, and on the losing side of the public interest. Strangely enough, in recent interviews, he is now praising Floyd for his desire to implement OSDT. As for Welterweight fighter Victor Ortiz, he has also lost the opponent who was supposed to bridge his next big shot. The winner potentially would have been a future opponent for Mayweather, before Berto was discovered to be dirty. Now there is no real road to redemption for either of the opponents left hanging from the fallout. It’s interesting to see fighters who once criticized the OSDT stance now in full agreement.

Maybe now we are seeing Mayweather’s accusations were CORRECT. Not the accusations that Pacquiao is a dirty fighter, but that the STANDARD is no longer good enough. With all the focus that has been placed around drug testing, I wouldn’t think these fighters would be crazy enough to take this risk NOW, which means they’ve probably been involved with it for a while. And NO ONE HAS CAUGHT IT. Which means the STANDARD is not good enough.


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