I have two family members who are basketball “junkies” just like I am. Adam and Joel are both Duke fans, and I am a UNC fan. (I like SUCCESS and GREATNESS. They like MEDIOCRITY) But that’s a different argument. We often get in this discussion about which school produces the better NBA players. Now if we’re talking “All-time” it’s an easy victory for me, because there are no TWO Duke players who could match up to Michael Jordan. The closest you can come is by putting Jordan against a prime Grant Hill, along with a pre-motorcycle-accident Bobby Hurley. Many don’t remember him, but trust me, when Jordan himself called him a “hard cover”on the basketball court….it solidified for me that he was a beast. But if we’re sticking to who is playing in the NBA currently, the competition is a little tighter.

I was thinking the other day about the current NBA stars, and which College Conference produces the best pro stars. If we separated the NBA stars into the various conferences they played for at the collegiate level, and built a team out of the top 8 players from each group, who would win out? After asking a few others for their opinion, and debating over my initial answer, I finally picked my All-Star team. But my team isn’t a college team. My team is a HIGH SCHOOL. And my High School All-Star team can beat your College All-Star team.

Here is my COUCH SPORTS EXPERT High School ALL-STAR Team:

SG – #24 KOBE BRYANT – Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant was selected with the 13th Pick in the 1996 NBA Draft, out of Lower Merion High School. As much as it pains many of us to admit it, Kobe is, and has been, the best NBA player since the Jordan Era ended. No other current player is more feared, or more dominant on the hardwood than him. Not to mention, only one other active player matches his same amount of rings, and we definitely aren’t placing Derrick Fisher on Kobe’s level. His picture should be in the dictionary by the phrase “KILLER INSTINCT”. He wants to beat you. He wants to embarrass you. There’s a reason why the defenders assigned to him are always bigger, stronger, defensive-minded guys. Kobe is a full assignment, and his defenders never has any energy left to mount their own offense anyway. Tell me, which shooting guard can you get to match him?

SF – #6 LEBRON JAMES – Miami Heat

LeBron James was selected as the #1 overall Pick in the 2003 NBA Draft from St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. Standing at 6′-8″ and 250 lbs., “King James” is a basketball player in a linebacker’s body. He is on a short list of players who can be considered the league’s “ELITE”. He is constantly argued as the best player in the league, depending on what side of the argument you want to take. You may be able to put together a collective TEAM defense to stop him, but name me one Small Forward who can match his intensity on the offensive and defensive end.

PF – #5 KEVIN GARNETT – Boston Celtics

Kevin Garnett was selected as the 5th Pick in the 1995 NBA Draft from the Farragut Career Academy. Garnett has been the definition of INTENSITY since coming into the league. With range unseen in 7-footers, and ferocity that puts fear in opposing players, Garnett is still a dominant force in his 17th season. Put him back in the prime of his career, minus the wear and tear and knee problems, and you’d better have a prime Tim Duncan playing the opposing 4 position. Before his time in Boston (clearly out of his prime), Garnett averaged 25.1 points, 16.3 rebounds, 3.9 blocks, 5.1 assists, and 1.5 steals per game over his career.

C – #12 DWIGHT HOWARD – Orlando Magic

Dwight Howard was selected with the overall #1 Pick in the 2004 Draft from Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy. There must be something in the water in Orlando, because the Magic have had two of the most dominant big men in the history of the game. The first was Shaquille O’neal, and now Dwight Howard. Howard’s nickname should be “20-20 VISION”, because he is guaranteed to give you at least 20 points and 20 rebounds every game. We have witnessed superstars carry their team on their shoulders, but Howard can do it LITERALLY. We are accustomed to big men being dominant from simply being bigger than their opponent. There are several 7-footers in the league. There’s a difference when the opposition in front of you is not only bigger, but STRONGER, MORE ATHLETIC, and looking to go through your chest. In a league, where there are only a handful of Centers who can even work the post effectively, who will you get to match up against him?

I know what you’re thinking…my team is incomplete. Not quite. There have been other guards that I could just throw in my lineup, but it all depends on the argument. If we were talking about choosing players when they playing their best basketball, then I would easily pick Tracy McGrady (Atlanta Hawks, now) from the 2000-2010 seasons. I would easily argue that he was just as much an ASSASSIN on the court as Kobe, but just had weaker teams around him. I would have LeBron run point, and place McGrady in my small forward position. That lineup could beat the next best lineup by 30 points, easily.

If we had to stick with the way the player is playing right now, then I would still move LBJ to the point, shift Garnett to the Small Forward position, and fill in Amare Stoudemire (New York Knicks) has my power forward. Think about that; what opposing team can out-rebounding my lineup, or even dare to come near the paint, with Howard (Magic), Amare (Knicks), and KG (Celtics) waiting to attack the ball?

Not to mention, I still have Tyson Chandler (New York Knicks) and Andrew Bynum (Los Angeles Lakers) coming off the bench for defensive purposes.

Can your lineup compete against my lineup? Give it a shot. Choose any College Conference, and pick out the bes of its players from the NBA.

Send me your team below.

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