My previous post, “My High School All-Star Team is Better Than Your NBA All-Star Team” has me doing a lot of thinking and debating over who would make the best team. My initial argument was that my All-Star team of players who have never played in the college ranks could beat any group of players, from the same college conference.

As I went through pages of NBA players, broken down by their Collegiate Conferences, I was looking for a lineup that could trump my team. Now that I’m pretty confident about my selection, I have no problem committing to it. If we took the current NBA players, and placed them in a group categorized by where they played college hoops, and viewed each player at their “prime”, which conference would win out? I may seem bias, being a North Carolina fan, but in my Couch Sports Expert opinion, an ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) All-Star team would win out over any other.

Again, we’re looking at currently active players, and when each player was in their “PRIME”. It may have been a span of a few seasons for some, it may be when they were younger for others. And again, I repeat, an ACC All Star team would win out.

Here is my NBA All Star College Conference Team:


PG – #3 – CHRIS PAUL – Los Angeles Clippers


Chris Paul played his college ball at Wake Forest University, and was drafted as the 5th Pick in the 2005 Draft. Since coming into the league, he has been the definition of the PG position. His penetration and ball handling make him a General on the court, while his range makes him a threat from anywhere.

SG – #15 – VINCE CARTER – Dallas Mavericks


Vince Carter attended the University of North Carolina and was drafted with the 5th Pick in the 1998 Draft. In the beginning stages of his career, Vince was the most ferocious dunker the league had ever seen. He quickly adopted the nickname “VINSANITY” to characterize his pursuit to the basket, and the damage he left behind.

SF – #33 – GRANT HILL – Phoenix Suns


In my opinion, Grant Hill is the best product that has entered the league from Duke University. Before age and injury, he was one of the most rounded (inside and outside offense, perimeter and inside defense) players the league has had since the Chicago Bulls Hall of Fame Forward Scottie Pippen.

PF – #3 – CHRIS BOSH – Miami Heat


Chris Bosh was drafted into the league in 2003, after playing his college career at Georgia Tech. Bosh is arguably ranked as one of the top two players at the Power Forward position. While that is a matter of opinion, we all have one, and you must consider the source. Now when you play in the same lineup with LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, and they call you “the most important player on the team”…..

C – #21 – TIM DUNCAN – San Antonio Spurs


Tim Duncan was drafted with #1 overall pick in the 1997 NBA Draft, and has played every minute of his career with the San Antonio Spurs. You can argue all day about the different Hall of Famers who have played the PF position, but Tim Duncan is the greatest. Dominant inside and outside of the paint, and superior on defense. In a league of no true domination at the Center position, Duncan has shown the ability to move into the “5” spot, and still maintain his dominance. Not to mention, only a few times in his career has Duncan NOT finished in the Top 5 in MVP voting.

I’m going with the ACC as the conference that produces the best NBA players. Especially with players like Carlos Boozer (Duke), Ty Lawson (UNC), and JJ Redick (Duke) coming off the bench.

Which Conference would you choose? Send me your lineup below.


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